India at 7th spot among the worst-hit countries with 1,90,535 COVID-19 cases


Bhubaneswar: June 01: India reached 7th spot among the countries worst-hit by COVID-19. Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in India has jumped to 1,90,535 today. Yesterday the total number of cases was ,182,143. So, in last 24 hours, 8392 new cases have been detected.

Also, as per the yesterday’s data provided by Health Ministry’s website, 86,983 patients have recovered from the disease till Sunday and today, this number is 91,818, which means during last 24 hours 4,835 patients have recovered from COVID-19.

Also, as informed, 230 patients have died during last 24 hours in India and now, the death toll reached 5394.

Eight States in India have already crossed the 5000-mark. Maharashtra has 67,655 cases as on Monday, followed by Tamilnadu (22,333), Delhi (19,844), Gujarat (16,779), Rajasthan (8,831), Madhya Pradesh (8089), Uttar Pradesh (7823) and West Bengal (5501).



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