India Make Americans Pay Top Dollars For Organic Eggs: Claims US


New Delhi: Americans may be spending more on organic chicken eggs due to trade disputes with India.

The United States relies on South Asian countries for more than 80% of the “organic soybean meal” needed to feed chickens. To the detriment of the companies, India is dumping the surplus above goods and selling them at lower prices, the United States has allegedly said.

Egg price hike…

According to Riyan Kuri, the economic director of Merceris, which is focusing on the organic market, the egg price hike could be the result of the increase of price of Soy food. For which traditional egg prices are rising, and thus organic egg price are too. This has also led to the increase in the price of organic meat and dairy products. At the same time, the epidemic has caused rapid food shortages worldwide.

John Brunnquell, egg farmer, CEO & President of Egg Innovation, one of the largest Free-Range Eggs producers in the United States, has somehow added food to more than a million of his chickens. However, the price per tonne of the meal has now more than doubled from last year to $ 1,600.

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