Janmasthami celebrations in every corner of Odisha


Bhubaneswar, Aug 25: Odisha celebrated ‘Janmasthami’ yesterday with devotion along with pomp and gaiety. This is the yearly observance of Lord Krishna’s   appearance on earth. It is one of the world’s most widely observed spiritual festivals. Krishna’s “birth,” janma, occurred at midnight on ashtami, the eighth day after the full moon in the Vedic calendar.

The day holds great importance among the people of Odisha, particularly devotees of Krishna. Devotees observe whole day fast and visits temples. Almost all the temples of Odisha witnessed very rush yesterday. The Idols of Lord Krishna  are decorated very beautifully and the houses and temples are also adorned to welcome Lord Krishna. But, since the morning of Janmasthami, many temples had organized Bhajan and Kirtan, which had created an ambiance of festivity. Crowds of devotees were seen at various temples, just to have a glimpse of the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna as special arrangements were prepared at the temples for the celebration. Devotees on fast were also seen making straight lines at temples in twin cities to watch the eye-catchy moment. The festival is celebrated with great religious fervor inside the temple.

As per the tradition, the festivities of Janmasthami started at midnight because it is said that God made his appearance on the earth during this time. Devotees did special pujas, perform Aalati, offer sweets, fruits and fresh flowers as a tribute to the God. After performing the rituals, devotees break their fast by having Prasad.

 A large number of people visited ISKON Temple yesterday. Throughout the day, numerous programmes were arranged to keep the devotees immersed in the thoughts of Krishna. Special prasads had been made for the devotees. In the evening, a special prabachan (discourses) was held upon the birth of Lord Krishna. Devotees were seen waiting eagerly till night to witness the rituals related to the birth of Lord Krishna.


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