KIMS CEO Delivers Talk on Value-Based Healthcare

KIMS CEO Delivers Talk on Value-Based Healthcare

Bhubaneswar: October 17: Dr. Bishnu Prasad Panigrahi, CEO, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Bhubaneswar delivered a talk at the Global Value-Based Healthcare Dialogue held in Mumbai from October 14 – 15, 2019. “India has a huge health burden. Central and state governments are working on helping our people access healthcare. Access and affordability are two major issues, which are being looked at. While public and private sector move ahead in providing healthcare, we must keep value as our paramount aim and not get lulled into delivering volumes only. Whatever care is provided must be a value enhancement for all patients and their relatives”, he said.

Outcomes must be tracked clinically as well as functionally, he stated, elaborating, the latter is extremely important because the treatment may be successful from the doctor’s perspective but if functionally patient is not fine, he or she will not be a valuable member of our society. This is where value-based healthcare is relevant, Dr. Panigrahi said, adding that value-based healthcare will soon be part of India’s healthcare landscape.

Dr. Panigrahi also shared his experiences with Prof. Michael Porter’s ICHOM, where he was one of members selected from various countries to prepare the Standard Sets for CAD (coronary artery disease). Participants from USA, Europe and India took part in the event.


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