Last Solar Eclipse of 2021 on 4th December

Last Solar Eclipse of 2021 on 4th December
Last Solar Eclipse of 2021 on 4th December

November 29

Last Solar Eclipse of 2021…

There is a solar eclipse on 4th December. It is a religious belief that there is a Last Solar Eclipse on the new moon day and a lunar eclipse on the full moon day. There are three types of eclipses. The first is a total solar eclipse, the second a partial solar eclipse, and the third an annular solar eclipse.

As per belief, there is a negative effect of Rahu-Ketu during this period. Therefore, no religious rituals, auspicious works are performed during this time. Especially pregnant women should stay at home at this time.

According to Indian Standard Time, the solar eclipse will start from 10:59 in the morning and end at 3:07 in the afternoon. Thus the duration of a solar eclipse is 4 hours 8 minutes.

The solar eclipse on 4th December will be visible in Antarctica and South Ocean, many countries of the continent of Africa, Namibia, South Africa including South America and Australia.

Talking about India, this eclipse will not be visible in India. There is no solar eclipse in Asia continent including India.

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