Modi speaks like an actor but wrong things: Sonia


Vijayapura (Karnataka): May 8 (IANS) UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday said that she agrees with Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he is a big orator and speaks like an actor, but wherever he goes, he speaks the wrong things.

“Modi takes pride in his ability to deliver good speeches. I completely agree that he is a good orator and speaks like an actor… But the country is surprised that wherever he goes, he speaks wrong,” she said addressing her first election rally in about two years.

“He takes liberty with history, uses our freedom fighters like pawns of chess for his political interests. Does it behove a Prime Minister? Have you seen a Prime Minister earlier who resorts to empty talk but stays quiet on real issues, does not speak a word on the real issues,” she added.

She said the Congress government in Karnataka had made it “number one” state in the country, and the Siddaramaiah government had waived off loans of 22 lakh farmers when they faced difficulties. She said that due to policies of the state government, Karnataka is among the top three exporting states in the country for fruits, vegetables and spices.

Gandhi said that it is unfortunate that the opposition parties of Congress have always opposed these effective plans.

“BJP and Modi himself had mocked us when we had started Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme to provide jobs to people across the country,” she said.

She accused Modi government of not fulfilling its promises. “Which promise has been fulfilled. What has Modiji done for the farmers, what has he done for employment to youth, what did he do for the middle class? Modiji, what did you do for security of women, children, backward classes, dalits and minorities,” she asked.

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“If his oratory can fill hungry stomachs, he must speak more often. Speeches cannot fill the stomach of the hungry. Speeches cannot empower women, cure those suffering from diseases, it cannot create employment. For all this you need strong commitment, determination and good intention,” she added.



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