Mukhtar Ansari, the criminal-turned-Politician, brought back to UP Jail

Mukhtar Ansari, the criminal-turned-Politician, brought back to UP Jail

Bhubaneswar: April 07: MLA Mukhtar Ansari was brought back to Banda Jail. The gangster turned Politician spent more than 2 years in Punjab Jail. A convoy of Uttar Pradesh Police started from Ropar Jail in the afternoon of Tuesday with Ansari and after 14 hours’ of journey around, they reached Banda Jail. The convoy consisted of about 10 vehicles and an Ambulance.

The police convoy with Mukhtar reached Banda via Yamuna Expressway after Punjab and then Ghatampur before Kanpur after Etawah.

He will now be in Barrack number 15 of Banda jail. He has an old bond with this barrack. Earlier, he was kept in the barrack number 15 of this jail. According to the information, the barrack number is 15 lonelier cells, that means there will be no other prisoner with Mukhtar. At the same time, before the arrival of Mukhtar, this Banda jail has been equipped with CCTV cameras.

As per Media Sources, every prison worker going around Mukhtar will be equipped with body warn camera to record the conversation and behavior between him and Mukhtar. A drone camera has also been sent from Lucknow to monitor the jail, while Mukhtar Ansari’s barrack and the surrounding area has been equipped with CCTV cameras.
These CCTV cameras will be connected to the video wall built in the Lucknow jail headquarters, so Mukhtar’s barrack will also be monitored from the jail headquarters.

It is around 1970s, governement started several development projects in Poorvanchal area. That is the time, some of organised gangs started competing between eachother to grag the contracts of the projects.
Mukhtar Ansari’s journey into the underworld began in the 1980. Orginally, he was a member of Makhanu Singh Gang.

In 1980, there was a clash between Makhanu Singh Gang and Sahib Singh Gang over a piece land. Further, Brijesh Singh formed his own gang and took over some contract works and that is the time, Mukhtar Ansari challenged Sahib Singh’s dominace over Poovanchal. The two became the main gang rivals in the Poorvanchal region.

In 2002, there was a clash between both the group and three of Ansari’s men were killed in the clash. Brijesh Singh was also critically injured. Ansari became the undisputed gang leader in Poorvanchal.

Later, to counter Ansari’s political influence, Singh supported the election campaign of the BJP leader Krishnananda Rai. Rai defeated Mukhtar’s brother.

Mukhtar Ansari later claimed that Rai used his political office to award all the contracts to Brijesh Singh’s gang.

The mix of crime, politics, and religion led to several instances of communal violence in the region and after one such riot, Mukhtar Ansari was arrested on charge of inciting people towards violence.

Further, he entered politics in 1995 and became an MLA in 1996 on a BSP ticket. Mukhtar Ansari is a five-term legislator. He has won five consecutive elections and  two of them as an independent. Also, he has won the 2007, 2012 and 2017 polls from inside the jail.



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