Nandankanan zoo in Odisha capital to unveil statue in memory of tigress Kanan


Bhubaneswar, Dec 27: On Thursday, the tigress statue of Kanan will be uncovered in the Nandankana zoo. The statue has made in the memory of Kanan who in 1976 strayed into the zoo. The statue will be set up at the enclosure where she was kept after the zoo author found her adapting to the zoo’s environment, said official. Famous for its tiger population, the statue will attract more visitors and researchers. And it will also prove to be helpful to the researcher who wants to know about the history of Nandankanan’s tigers. After the birth of three cubs the number of tigers in the zoo has been increased which was previously recorded as 24. The zoo also has a rare species tiger cub called the Melanistic tiger. In April, an erstwhile wild tiger named Nandan and a tigress named Megha gave birth to two cubs. The zoo had acquired them as the wild gene in cubs would help breed healthy tigers in the future, revealed a source at the zoo. Like Kanan, Nandan too had strayed into the zoo in 2013 on his own.





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