Naveen Urges To The Centre To Not Create Obstacles In Development of Temples

Odisha Govt. To Provide Rs.50 K To Needy SC/ST Students Pursuing Degree Courses
Odisha Govt. To Provide Rs.50 K To Needy SC/ST Students Pursuing Degree Courses

Bhubaneswar: Centre can never be able to create obstacle in development of temple, Said Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik standing outside the Jagannath temple in puri after visiting the deities on Monday morning.

Addressing the people of Odisha, on removal of NMA heritage bylaws and development work of Jagannath temple without encumbrance, at the Singhadwar of Shri Jagannath Temple, Naveen Patnaik said, “i thank people who sacrificed for the temple and their sacrifice will not go in vain. I have spoken to NMA, the centre should remove the new bylaws and nobody can stop the good work for the lord”.

The Outrage against the heritage bylaw issued by NMA (on January 18) under the ministry of culture has come up after the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Site and Remains Act (AMASR)  for 2010 for 11th century Jagannath temple, defining many zones for its conservation and periphery development, in Puri. Along with two temples in Bhubaneswar- the 13th century Vaishnava temple of Ananta Basudev and Shiva temple of Brahmeswar, both in the heritage site of Ekamra Kshetra.

As per, the draft bylaws, an area of  100metre in all the directions (constitutes 37.061 acre) would be ‘prohibited area’ where any type of new construction is prohibited from both government as well private agencies. Extra 200metre (constitute 138.385 acre) would be ‘regulated area’ where construction will be allowed after the permission of NMA (which will not allow construction beyond height of 9metre, furnishing exteriors like- aluminium cladding, highly reflecting synthesis, etc).

The heritage by law has been said to be issued by the NMA, after demolishing of several historical sites by the name of exercising development work in the near by areas of temple.

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