NFAI Exhibition showcases the richness and diversity of Indian Cinema- Venkaiah Naidu National Film Archive of India at SIMCON 2016


New Delhi, Dec 10: I&B Minister has said, the exhibition setup by NFAI on the sidelines of SIMCON 2016 displays films highlighting our soldiers’, peoples’ and freedom fighters’ contribution towards independence and various wars thereafter. The films, from silent era of 1913-31, till date, have been showcased in the exhibition.  The fight against social evils such as untouchability, women oppression, caste system etc. which were covered exhaustively through various films, have also been depicted in the exhibition. Indian film industry being one of the most diverse with more than 42000 films, has immensely contributed towards patriotism, which is very well displayed at the exhibition.

National Film Archive of India has put the Multi-Media Exhibition on the theme of ‘Azaadi 70 Saal- Yaad Karo Qurbani’ on the sidelines of 28th State Information Ministers Conference 2016 at New Delhi. The exhibition showcases Film Industry’s contribution towards Independence and is organized to celebrate 70th year of Country’s independence. The exhibition is divided into three sections namely ‘Rise and Revolt: Cinema of Social Reform’ showcasing films from the pre independence era and their contribution towards issues such as caste and class divides, struggle against untouchability, women’s emancipation etc. Second section ‘Our Freedom Fighters- Through the lens of Cinema’ , showcases biopics of Indian heroes of freedom struggle such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Ambedkar, Veer Savarkar, Rani Laxminbai and others. The third section ‘Saluting Our Soldiers’ is a tribute to our soldiers for their contribution towards independence and various wars thereafter. The exhibition has been widely appreciated which beautifully depicted the pre and post independence era patriotic films.

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NFAI has also set up the Virtual Reality experience to showcase premises of its Pune facilities here in Delhi. There was also a virtual tour of exhibition available in the experience.

Source: PIB


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