Now You Can Contest In Upcoming UP Elections From Congress By Paying Just Rs 11,000/-


New Delhi: Do you want to contest elections as a Congress candidate? If so, you will have to deposit Rs 11,000 with the application. However, it is going to be implemented not in Odisha but in Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, one can apply for the Congress ticket and contest for the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar-Pradesh by just depositing Rs 11,000 along with the application form.

As per the directive, interested candidates can fill in the application form and deposit Rs 11,000 by September 25. Uttar Pradesh Congress president Ajay Kumar Lalu issued the order. Lalu said the funds, considered as a Co-operation, is needed for any organisation to move forward.

It is learned that the two leaders Sanjay Sharma and Vijay Bahadur have been given the responsibility of accepting the application form for the upcoming 2022 assembly elections. All applicants will contact the two leaders and deposit Rs 11,000 with their application form.


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