Odisha’s Silver Gandhi to reach Delhi on Oct 2 by walk

Odisha's Silver Gandhi to walk 800 Kms around to reach Delhi on Oct 2

Bhubaneswar: August 16:March 23,1921, Mahatma Gandhi set his foot for the first time in Odisha. The state is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to Odisha.

To commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s first visit to Odisha, Mohan Mahapatra , known as Silver Gandhi of Odisha, has started his journey from the 75th Independence Day.

Silver Gandhi to meet Prime Minister & Union Minister

He will cover Benares to Delhi by walk, which will be around 800-km distance. He has plan to reach Delhi on October 2 and meet President of India, Prime Minister and Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Silver Gandhi’s program has been highly praised by many poets, artists, writers, intellectuals, social activists and the youth.

He advises people to think about the country for an hour in a day at least, which can lead the country for a better tomorrow. Besides, he asks people to spare a hour for their body also to make them fit.


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