Over 120 Taliban Fighters Captured By NRF, Many Dead


In another news from the Panjshir province, the Northern Resistance Force has again retaliated the Taliban force after the later attacked the Kapisa neighbour province. According to unofficial sources, over 100 Taliban dead have been informed dead while 120 Taliban captured.

Dead bodies of Taliban fighters is seen lying all around the roads from Panjshir. According to unofficial sources, Taliban bodies have piled up so high that they are not even able to take the bodies of theirs fighter.  In the visuals below you can see bodies piling up in Panjshir and Talibs captured.

Taliban captures in panjshir

Notably, after the US troops exit from Afghanistan, the Taliban along with the ISIS have wrecked havoc upon the land. While Panjshir valley forces are busy resisting the Taliban to enter the valley, the later are busy across the country exploiting the public.

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