PM asks the Officers of CBI & CVC to rededicate themselves to abolish Corruption

PM Pays Homage To Armed Forces For 1971 War Victory On Vijay Diwas
PM Pays Homage To Armed Forces For 1971 War Victory On Vijay Diwas

October 20

PM over abolish Corruption

The Prime Minister called upon the officers of CBI and CVC to rededicate themselves to abolish corruption from all walks of national life. He said corruption takes away the rights of people and hinders the pursuit of justice for all, nation’s progress and affects the collective power of the nation.

The Prime Minister emphasized that in the last 6-7 years, the government has succeeded in instilling the confidence that it is possible to contain corruption.

He said that there is trust that people can get the benefit of the government schemes without middlemen and bribes. Now people feel that corrupt, howsoever mighty, will not be spared, wherever they go.

“Earlier, the way the governments and systems were run, they lacked both political and administrative will. Today there is the political will to attack corruption and continuous improvement is also being carried out at the administrative level” he said.

Talking about changed India, Modi pointed out “Today, India of the 21st century, along with modern thinking, emphasizes the use of technology for the benefit of humanity. New India Innovates, Initiates and Implements. New India is no longer ready to accept that corruption is part of the system. It wants its system transparent, process efficient and governance smooth.”

Charting the government’s journey from maximum control and maximum damage to minimum government and maximum governance, the Prime Minister explained how his government undertook the task of reduction of government interference in the lives of the common people in a mission mode by simplifying the government procedures.

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The Prime Minister shared his views on ‘preventive vigilance’.  He said that preventive vigilance can be achieved with alertness and can be strengthened through technology and experience.  Along with technology and alertness- simplicity, clarity, transparency in the processes will go a long way for preventive vigilance. This will simplify our work and save the resources of the nation, he said.

The Prime Minister exhorted the officer not to flinch from taking action against the corrupt and ensure that there is no safe haven for anyone who deceives the country and countrymen.  He asked them to remove the fear of the system from the minds of the poorest of the poor. He also called for deliberation regarding technological challenges and cyber fraud.

Recalling his Independence Day call for simplification of laws and procedures, the Prime Minister called upon CVC and CBI and other anti-corruption institutions to remove such processes that come in the way of new India.

“You need to strengthen New India’s policy of zero tolerance for corruption. You need to implement laws in a way that poor come close to the system and the corrupt moves out of it”, the Prime Minister concluded.

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi delivered a video message to the joint conference of CVC and CBI today. The Conference is taking place at Kevadia, Gujarat.


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