PM attacks Cong, then reaches out to Oppn for support


New Delhi, March 4: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday reached out to the opposition, saying he needs their support for “improvement” in his government, even as he attacked the Congress over disruptions in Parliament while skipping the raging issues like JNU and Dalit student’s suicide.

Modi, speaking in the Lok Sabha, used wit and barbs as he responded to the attack by Congress over various initiatives of his government, including ‘Make in India’ and MNREGA.

Slamming the Congress for disrupting Parliament and stalling bills, he said the main opposition party was doing so because of “inferiority complex” of its top leaders. He also invoked the statements made by Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and first President Rajendra Prasad by reading out their statements against stalling of legislative business.

He deplored the ‘tu tu, mai mai’ (blame game) attitude by political parties for “scoring points”, saying the officialdom rejoices over this and nation suffers.

“This government also needs improvement which cannot happen without your help. I am new, you are experienced. I need the benefit of your experience. Governments will come and go. Let us work shoulder to shoulder,” Modi said while replying to a debate on Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address which was approved later.

He said a democratic country like India cannot be left at the mercy of the bureaucracy as he sought to underline the importance of the Legislature, saying even a single MP of any party should be treated like “Prime Minister”.

In his 75-minute speech, Modi, however, did not respond to the specific issues raised by Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders, like his visit to Pakistan, blackmoney, JNU and Dalit student Rohith Vemula’s suicide.

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Without naming Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister appeared to be responding to his yesterday’s remark that he should listen to others.

“It is easy to preach others…There are some people to whom all kinds of questions are asked. But there are some others, to whom nobody dares to ask questions,” he said.

“I have been questioned, I have faced criticism and accusations over last 14 years. I have learnt to live with it,” said Modi, apparently referring to the attacks on him  in the aftermath of Gujarat riots of 2002.

While hitting out at Rahul for criticising his government, he sarcastically recalled how the Congress Vice President had torn at a press conference an Ordinance approved by the Cabinet headed by Manmohan Singh and including veterans like A K Antony, Sharad Pawar and Farooq Abdullah.

He also took on Rahul for mocking at the government’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ programme, questioning whether such a scheme should be made fun of. “You are mocking at ‘Make in India’? If it is not successful, you should suggest what should be done to make it successful,” he said.

Referring to disruptions in Parliament due to which several bills, including the crucial GST legislation is stuck, Modi said “House is not allowed to function due to inferiority complex (of the opposition leadership).”

While elaborating, he appeared to suggest that top Congress leadership was not allowing “young” and “bright” leaders to emerge fearing that they may overshadow Rahul.

“In the opposition there are bright and talented youngsters who don’t get a chance to speak…They lot lot of study…The concern is that if they speak, they will be praised. Then what will happen to us,” Modi said.

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While talking of disruptions in Parliament, the Prime Minister again appeared to take a swipe at Congress, saying the opposition’s attitude was to “demonstrate its strength” even though its “strength may be less”.

Congress has only 45 members in the 545-member Lok Sabha.

Invoking Rajiv Gandhi over disruptions, Modi read out a statement made by the former Prime Minister in which he had expressed “pain” over stalling of Parliament and said that while it hurts the government, it equally hurts the members of the opposition who want to raise issues of their concern.

He said because of the will of Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, some bills were passed in Lok Sabha but those could not move ahead, suggesting that they got stuck in Rajya Sabha.

Identifying some of these legislations, he said the Whistleblowers Protection Amendment bill is meant for enlightening the citizens and “I see no reason why it is stopped.”

With regard to GST, which is aimed at overhauling the taxation system in the country, Modi told the Congress, “it is yours only, still it is being stopped.”

While talking about attempts to “halt” development of the country by the opposition, he cited a statement made by Indira Gandhi in 1974 in which she had wondered why some people try to portray the image of the country in such a manner as if India is standing with a begging bowl.

When Congress member Kantilal Bhuria said that there is a “gap between what you say and what you do”, Modi said, “I have got several certificates during the last 14 years, let there be one more. I accept it with bowed head.”

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Taking on the Congress for mocking at his ambitious project of constructing toilets, the Prime Minister sarcastically said that if this task had been accomplished earlier, he would not have had to do it.

Similarly, he referred to the Bangladesh border dispute which was settled after four decades and told Congress benches, “You can say that ‘if we had settled it, how would you do it’. You may say that ‘We left it for you to do’.”

He said 18,000 villages were in darkness due to unsettled boundary even so many years after Independence and this was the Congress’ “gift” which “we do not deny”.

Responding to Congress contention that MNREGA was the baby of previous UPA government and that the NDA regime had repackaged and usurped it, Modi dwelt into the history and said such a programme had first been initiated in Maharashtra in 1972.

He said such schemes for the poor have been going on for decades under various names and in different versions and that once Jawaharlal Nehru’s name was “removed by same party which curses us”.


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