PM’s approval slides but Rahul’s not picking up: CVOTER-IANS Tracker

PM's approval slides but Rahul's not picking up: CVOTER-IANS Tracker
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New Delhi: April 19: The approval rating of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dropped around 17 points in over a month but there is still no good news for the Congress as satisfaction of voters with Rahul Gandhi has not shown any sign of improvements, according to the latest findings of CVOTER-IANS tracker.

In an all India survey carried out on April 18 with a sample size of 11,074, the net satisfaction level with the Prime Minister had dropped to 46.92 — a drop of 16.55 — from the peak in his popularity witnessed on March 7 when the net satisfaction level with him was 63.47.

The voters were asked if they were “very satisfied”, “satisfied to some extent” and “not satisfied with the PM at all”.

On April 18, in the second phase of polling, 50.65 per cent respondents said they were very much satisfied with Modi, while 26.13 per cent said they were not satisfied at all.

But on March 7, 55.72 per cent of respondents had said they were very satisfied and only 17 per cent then said they were not happy with him.

Modi had gained from the air strike on Balakot terrorist camp on February 26. But there has been a constant decline since.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi has struggled to get numbers in his favour as net satisfaction level with him was only 6.82 on April 18. Only 25.78 per cent said they are very much satisfied with Congress president but 40.64 said they were not satisfied at all.

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His net satisfaction rating has remained below 10 points since February 28 and showing no improvement. (IANS)