Puri: Thousands witness the ‘Adhara Pana’ ritual on ‘Bada Danda’

Puri: Thousands witness the ‘Adhara Pana’ ritual on ‘Bada Danda’

Puri: July 14: After yesterday’s Suna Besha, today the ‘Adhara Pana’ ritual of the three deities was observed.

As per the tradition, ‘Adhara Pana’ is offered to the deities, which was prepared of milk, sugar, cheese, banana, nutmeg, camphor and black pepper. The deities are offered Adhara Pana on huge cylindrical earthen pots. The drink was filled in nine earthen pots and each of the deities was offered three pots each on their respective chariot.

The priests offer this ‘Adhara Pana’to the deities and later on, earthen pots are broken by the servitors and the Pana spreads all over the chariot.

As per the belief, evil spirits, ghostly bodies and dissatisfied souls are with the deities during the Car Festival. Adhara Pana is for those evil spirits and the ‘Yakshas’ present on the three chariots.

Thousands of devotees were there on the ‘Bada Danda’ to witness the ritual of deities.


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