Rahul Gandhi’s Heart Touching Press Conference: Addresses Lakhimpur Issue


Rahul Gandhi Addresses Lakhimpur Issue…

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi holds a press conference in Delhi on the violence during farmers’ protest in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. During this, he targeted the UP government as well as the central government. He has said that farmers are being crushed in UP and action is not being taken against the accused. Rahul Gandhi said, “For some time the farmers of India have been attacked by the government. Firstly, the farmers are being crushed under the jeeps. They are being murdered. The Home Minister of BJP and his son are being discussed a lot. But no action is being taken against them.

Secondly, farmers across the country are being attacked one after the other. At first they introduced three new Agriculture Bills. Now their rights are being taken away. Yesterday the Prime Minister was in Lucknow, but could not go to Lakhimpur Kheri. The post mortem of the dead farmers is not being done properly. Anyone who talks properly is being shut down. Today we will try to go to Lucknow, try to go to Lakhimpur.”

Adding to his story, Rahul said that the structure of the country is being controlled by BJP and RSS. It’s not just about the media. You know how the media is controlled, in the same way all the institutions in the country have been controlled. Today there is dictatorship in the country. Politicians cannot go to Uttar Pradesh. Since yesterday we are being denied of going to UP, added Rahul.

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Mr. Gandhi also said that whether it is Priyanka, myself or whoever it is in our family, we do not care about man handling. Kill us, cut us, we don’t care. This is our years old training. This is the training of our family. The voice of India is being crushed. I want to share the pain of the families of the victims of Lakhimpur. I want to go there and know the ground reality. I want to understand No one knows the ground reality right now.


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