Rourkela: Two elephant died in a train trajectory past night.

elephant dead

In a tragic mishap, two elephants near Rourkela, Odisha were hit to death at around 1AM on Thursday by a speeding goods train. The incident happened when the herd of Jumbos were crossing the track.

According to sources, “the accident resulted in immediate death of twin Jumbos along with derailment of two wagons of the train. However, the forest officials also claim to have signalled the train to stall, but it did not.”

Depicting the whole incident as ‘unfortunate’ and assuring about the further investigation on the mishap Nishant Kumar, Assistant Railway Manager, Bondamunda said, “the incident happened around 1AM in the dark when a herd of elephant was crossing the track. Though it’s difficult to the exact cause, i think it was due to the change of direction by Elephants. Railway and forest officials are on the spot and restored the rail traffic on the route. An investigation, for the matter will be carried soon.

“The train speed (during accident) will be angled from investigation point of view”, said Tankadhar Behera, Assistant Conservator of forests, Rourkela Division.

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