RSP constructs “Parashar Mandap” at Vedvyas temple


Rourkela, March 11: “Parashar Mandap,” a hall for pilgrims and devotees to meditate constructed by Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) at the Vedvyas Temple premises was inaugurated by MK Das, Executive Director In-charge on Thursday.

The hall is situated adjacent to the Vedvyas Cave, where the sage Vedvyas is believed to have composed a portion of the great epic, the Mahabharata. It is an extension of Mandap on the eastern side.

RSP has always been committed to preserving and promoting the glorious heritage of our State and the Nation.

In tune with this credo the Steel Plant has been carrying out a number of renovation and beautification activities in the temple premises.

These include construction of a canopy roofing of the cave, Stainless Steel Grill enclosure to Vedvyas Cave, decorative roof and stone flooring in the three Gazebos, setting up of Stainless Steel benches for visitors below the Mandap and stone cladding of three stair cases.

These jobs have been executed by Town Engineering collective under RSP’s CSR efforts at an expenditure of Rs. 33.97 lakhs.

Das along with PK Pradhan ED (P&A), S Das ED (Projects), SK Nayak GM (Town Services) and several senior officers of RSP went round the temple participated in the religious rituals and interacted with temple managing committee.

It is worth mentioning here that, as a part of its efforts to promote Vedvyas temple as a pilgrim as well as tourist destination, Rourkela Steel Plant is continuously improving the aesthetics and amenities of this temple.

The Vedvyas ghat, steel kiosks, an attractive concrete monumental gateway leading to the temple, the Saraswati Kunda and several other facilities have been developed by RSP in the temple precincts.

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In 2014 “Vyas Mandap”, a pillared open hall was constructed containing sculptured panels depicting Gods and Goddesses.

It also has two beautiful murals showing Lord Ganesha writing the Mahabharata as per the dictation of Vedvyas Maharishi.  The Mandap offers a serene and cool place for meditation. The steps leading to the cave and the platform around it have also been renovated with marble slabs.


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