Seminar on treatment of Thyroid nodules at Berhampur

Seminar on treatment of Thyroid nodules at Berhampur

Berhampur: August 31: In India around 10-12% of people has asymmetric swelling of thyroid gland called as nodules. In order to scientifically update the surgeons of Southern Odisha about these disorders, Silk City surgeons club in association with PG department of General Surgery, MKCG Medical College organized a workshop at Christian Hospital premises. Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Mohanty, Associate Professor, Dept of General Surgery presided over the meeting. Dr Sunil Kumar Kota, Endocrinologist from Diabetes & Endocare Clinic, Berhampur was invited as the resource person cum chief speaker. Dr Kota explained about the causes, Symptoms, complications and treatment of the thyroid nodules to the audience.

Thyroid nodules are asymmetric enlargement of a part of thyroid gland. They are more commonly seen in iodine deficient areas, females and elderly people. Around 5-7% of these nodules can be cancerous calling for timely and proper management of these conditions. All nodules are subjected to Thyroid function test (ie T3, T4 & TSH). Based on the results, ultrasound neck or some radionuclide studies are done. Sometimes CT and MRI scan may be needed. These tests further guide requirement of FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology). Dr Kota explained that, all these results combined together determine the treatment and follow up of a particular nodule. A variety of surgery and non surgical methods (like alcohol injection, radio frequency ablation, thermal ablation) are available for treatment. Around 70 surgeons and post graduate students engaged Dr Kota in an interactive question and answer session at the end, which lead to abolition of several myths.

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Taking this opportunity, Dr Kota invited all the surgeons to the 2nd annual South Odisha Thyroid Symposium to be organized by Diabetes & Endocare Clinic on 16th September at IMA Hall, Berhampur. The symposium shall have presentations on 9 different aspects of Thyroid disorders to cater to around 300 doctors of South Odisha. Dr Siba Prasad Patnaik, secretary, silk city surgeons profusely thanked Dr Kota for his teaching and requested him to participate in more such academic fora to teach the students about various endocrine disorders. Lastly Prof Dr Rasananda Mangual, Head, Dept of Surgery, MKCG Medical College felicitated Dr Sunil Kota with a token of appreciation. Dr Minal Nanda, chief surgeon, Christian Hospital concluded the session by extending vote of thanks to all concerned.