Shah equates BJD govt with ‘burnt transformer’

Shah equates BJD govt with 'burnt transformer'

Puri: February 3: BJP President Amit Shah on Sunday equated the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) government in Odisha with a “burnt transformer” for failing to transfer the Central fund to the people.

He said even though the Centre has allocated Rs 5.13 lakh crore to Odisha, the fund did not reach the grassroots level.

“Would power go to your home without a transformer? BJD government in Odisha is like a burnt transformer. When a transformer is burnt, it has to be discarded. Similarly, the BJD government has to be uprooted and thrown out for failing to transfer the Central fund to the people in the state,” said Shah.

Addressing BJP ST Morcha’s two-day national convention at Puri, he attacked the Congress and BJD for doing nothing for Odisha’s development.

“Naveen babu’s party is a B team of Congress. They are two sides of same coin. Congress ruled for so long in Odisha. Did Odisha develop? Naveen Patnaik also ruled for 19 years. Did Odisha develop?” asked Shah.

He claimed that only BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi can ensure Odisha’s development.

He said despite being rich in resources, Odisha has not witnessed any substantial development as there is not an abled Chief Minister who can run the government.

Mocking Naveen Patnaik for his poor understanding and speaking in Odia language, Shah said, “Naveen Babu is not able to hear peoplea¿s voice as he does not understands or speaks the regional language.a

“Make sure the next Chief Minister you elect is someone who can speak the Odia language. This is a matter of respect for the Odia language,” said Shah.

On the occasion, the BJP president urged the Odisha government to implement the Ayushman Bharat Yojana for the health benefit of the people in the state.

“We have started Ayushman Bharat for 50 crore people. But Naveen babu’s government has stopped the programme. He fears that Modi would become popular. Please remove our name, but at least run the scheme in Odisha for the benefit of people,” said Shah. (IANS)