Raj Kundra Pornography Case: Actress Sherlyn Chopra Slams Shilpa Shetty


Sherlyn Slams Shilpa: Requests Her To Show Sympathy To The Helpless Girls Who Are Demanding Justice

Mumbai, sept 01: Sherlyn Slams Shilpa. The Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra is again in news after her charging video that went viral on social media, where she is seen slamming Shilpa Shetty on her statement about Rani Laxmi Bai.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s troubles do not seem to slash anytime soon. Earlier last month, the actress’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra was arrested by the police last month for making porn films and publishing them on his apps. Since then, many actresses including Sherlyn Chopra have been witnessed accusing him.

Sherlyn Chopra, earlier had alleged that Raj Kundra wanted different videos in his app, which were full of glamour, high fashion, fitness, fun and more. The actress also alleged that initially the concept was just glamour but later shifted to semi-nude and nudity.

Recently, sharing a 2-minute video on her Twitter handle, Sherlyn Chopra has questioned Shilpa Shetty’s statement on the dance reality show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’. In her statement, Shilpa Shetty had praised Rani Laxmi Bai. Sherlyn, charging Shilpa in her video has asked if Shilpa Shetty had any sympathy for the alleged victims involved in Raj Kundra’s pornography case.

Over Shilpa’s statement, that she salutes all women who bravely face all the challenges of life, Chopra had asked her, “does this include the helpless victims who courageously recorded their statements in many police stations?”

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Miss Chopra in her video has also said, “Nowadays whenever I post anything on social media, your followers troll me saying that my pictures are photoshopped. Let me tell you that all the investigating agencies of the country are more educated than you, me and your followers. They know how to go into details. A few days ago I read your post about Aastha, which I really liked. I think faith is such a powerful force that it can spread light even in the most hopeless situations. As a women, I request you to show sympathy to all the helpless girls who are demanding justice. I have full faith in the law of the land.”


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