SJSS protest Mamata Banerjee’s visit to Jagannath Shrine in Puri; taken into police custody


Puri, Apr 18: Today the secretary of Shri Jagannath Sevayat Sammilani (SJSS) was taken into police custody on charges of strictly protesting the visit of Mamata Banerjee to the Shree Jagannath Temple here. The SJSS gave out serious warnings that Mamata would not be permitted to visit the temple as she had made statements favouring the consumption of beef. Only pure and clean people are allowed to enter the Shrine unlike her, Khuntia stated. Non-hindus and beef consuming people are not allowed in the shrine and Mamata will only be allowed inside only after she announces clearly that she is not such a person.

On the other hand, BJP State President, Basant Panda has stated that the Shree Jagannath Temple is open for all Hindus and so Mamata Banerjee can also attempt to worship the deities at the temple.
Notably, the West Bengal CM and TMC chief had earlier stated that many minorities, chirstians and tribal have beef. Every Individual has the right to make his or her own choice of what he or she prefers eating and no one should stop them.


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