Skeleton Recovered From Hospital Lift, Closed Since 24 Years



Lucknow: In another shocking incident, a skeleton was recovered from a hospital lift, closed since 24 years, in Lucknow.

A skeleton was found inside the OPEC Hospital lift in Uttar Pradesh, 24 years later, that was opened for repair work. According to reports, the skeleton appears to belong to a man. Police and forensic department are now trying to solve the mystery of the skeleton. The skeleton has now been sent for DNA testing.

According to reports, the construction of the 500-bed OPEC hospital began in 1991. The elevator mentioned in the incident was running till 1997. After that it shut down because of some problems.

The police have now started investigating into the case & have opened up 24 years earlier missing case files to find out more about the unknown man. Till now no clue about the person has been found, nor any details about his death has yet been revealed by the police. Did the man get stuck in the elevator and suffocate to death or did someone kill him and hide the body there? The police are looking for answers to this question. More information can be found after the DNA test, police said.

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