Solutions to many of contemporary challenges lie in our traditional knowledge systems: Dharmendra Pradhan


Delhi: August 5: ‘No society can thrive without connecting to its roots. Our past is filled with examples of architectural grandeur, engineering marvel and artistic excellence.’ Union Education Minister Dharmendra said.

Speaking on a Webinar organised as part of the celebration of one year of transformative reforms under National Education Policy, 2020, he called for conservation, promotion and dissemination of this cultural wealth of India should be the top priority of the country because it is crucial for the country’s identity.

Union Minister discussed the relevance of traditional knowledge systems & ancient wisdom in contemporary times and their role in the making of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

He stated that there is a need to synergise knowledge with art, culture, language with a spirit of Bharatiyata

Pradhan highlighted that the National Education Policy has laid down a roadmap for 21st century India and lays emphasis on our traditional knowledge systems.

By taking Indian knowledge traditions forward, we can sow seeds for starting a new era. We must recreate our traditional knowledge with contemporary, contextual relevance to connect with the youth, he added.

Shri Pradhan stated that solutions to many of contemporary challenges lie in our traditional knowledge systems.

Indian Knowledge System, Language, Arts & Culture being one of the innovative thrust area of NEP, Indian Knowledge System at AICTE under Ministry of Education organised a National Webinar on Transforming Education in the Light of Indian Knowledge System, Language, Arts & Culture.




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