States and cities asked to audit functioning of toilets from today under ‘Swachhata Pakwada’; Google Toilet Locator to be launched for National Capital Region 


New Delhi, Nov 16: Ministry of Urban Development has asked all the State and City Governments to undertake extensive audit of toilets in urban areas over the next fifteen days beginning tomorrow under ‘Swacchata Pakwada’, to ensure that they are functional and fully used.

In the action plan for the next fifteen days sent to State and City Governments, they have been asked to reach out to community representatives for effective audit of functioning of Individual Household Toilets and Community and Household Toilets by addressing the deficiencies including water availability.

States and cities have been asked to undertake at least two ‘triggering drives’ at the start of pakwada and a week later mobilizing beneficiaries to take up construction of toilets. Foundation stones are to be laid for construction of Community and Public Toilets which are at tendering stage now.

Special camps are to be organized to clear payments due to the beneficiaries for construction of individual household toilets.

As a part of behavioral change communication, hoardings and posters of ‘Asli Tarakki’ campaign, prioritizing construction of toilets over other needs like owning a scooter or a TV set, are to be prominently and widely displayed during the fortnight.

State and City Governments have been advised to involve media while undertaking proposed activities for wider dissemination and for further motivating people towards sanitation practices.

The Ministry of Urban Development will soon launch ‘Google Toilet Locator’ for the benefit of the people of National Capital Region which helps in locating the nearest toilet for use.

Source: PIB

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