States asked to ensure availability of pulses at reasonable prices

NEW DELHI, OCT 24: In a bid to keep prices of pulses at affordable rates, the Union Government has asked the State Governments to have meeting with millers, wholesalers and retailers to make pulses available in retail markets at reasonable prices.
In a communication to the States /UTs, the Center has said that distribution of Tur, Urad, Chana and other dals at reasonable prices thorough PDS by some States has helped stabilizing the prices. Other States may consider this step also to control the prices.
Among several measures taken by the Center to keep prices under check, certain quantity of Tur dal has been imported and States were requested to indicate their requirements for retail distribution to contain price rise of pulses. Some States have responded and also lifted certain quantities of Tur dal.
Meanwhile, de-hoarding operations across the states continued which resulted in seizure of 74,846.359 MT pulses so far. Total 6,077 raids have been conducted by the states after the amendment in the Central Order under Essential Commodities Act.