Tornadoes In Six US States: Death Toll May Increase to Hundred


December 12

Tornadoes In Six US States

The storms that hit the US on Friday and Saturday caused huge damage to the the states.  Sources said, death toll may increase to 100 after at least 30 tornadoes swept through the six US states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri, according to authorities.

Hundreds of people are also said to be injured. In the state of Kentucky itself, 80 people are reported dead and many more are still buried under the rubble. US President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency.

Due to the storms, buildings have collapsed in many areas. Debris look scattered. Rescue teams are engaged in relief and rescue work. The rescue team has appealed to the people to pray for those trapped in the debris of the storm and help those who have suffered losses.

The maximum destruction has occurred in Mayfield, which is believed to be the ground zero of all cyclones. A candle factory collapsed in Mayfield, killing 18.

An Amazon company warehouse has collapsed in the state of Illinois and as said, about 100 workers buried under the rubble. In addition, 20 people were buried in a nursing home building collapse in Arkansas, out of which 2 died.

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