Troubles In Afghanistan Rising Everyday


Drought in Afghanistan Escalates Food Price By 25%

Taliban Focused On Removing Women From Hoardings, Rather Addressing More Important Issues

Kabul, August 31: The climate crisis in Afghanistan is already fuelling a bigger conflict. Some parts here are twice as hot as the global average. Scarcity of rains is also becoming a major issue. Areas suitable for agriculture in the north and west are facing drought for the second time in three years. “In a country where three-fourths of the population is dependent on agriculture, any unpredictable weather can bring disaster, especially in a country with no stable government,” says source. About a third of people are facing a food crisis. Huh.

Drought destroyed 40% of wheat crop, prices increased by 25%

Because of the ongoing war, many people have not been able to sow crops. The crop is sure to be damaged due to drought. According to the World Food Program, 40% of the crop have been destroyed and the price of wheat has escalated by 25%. Of the 25 countries in the world’s most vulnerable to climate change, there is conflict and unrest.

Because of the heat and drought, Afghanistan is the 15th most risky country in the world for children. 20 lakh children are malnourished here. At present, the Taliban is more active on removing women from the hoarding than on solving the problems. Analysts say water management will be key to the Taliban’s legitimacy with Afghan civilians. Water has always been a big issue here. The Taliban have been repeatedly attacking the dam in the city of Herat. In the 2018 drought, 3.71 lakh Afghans had to leave their homes.

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Afghans Are Investing in Cryptocurrencies to Keep Their Money Safe

The banking system in Afghanistan has collapsed. In the midst of this economic crisis, some Afghans are investing in cryptocurrencies. This guarantees that their money will be safe. Its trend has increased rapidly in Afghanistan. Afghanistan ranks 20th out of 154 countries in the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index. According to the report, Afghanistan has moved up to 7th position when excluding the country’s peer-to-peer exchange trade volume. However, there is no data on how many of the total population have invested in cryptocurrencies.

China request the world to help Taliban run the government

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has told his US counterpart Antony Blinken that the changed situation in Afghanistan has made it necessary for all countries of the world to establish contacts with the Taliban. He also stressed the need to actively guide the Taliban, in order to bring stability in the new political, economic, social structure of the country. Wang said the facts show that the goal of eliminating terrorist forces in Afghanistan has never been achieved through war.

Taliban will strengthen ties with foreign powers like China-Qatar through opium cultivation
This drought complicates the Taliban’s promise to end opium-poppy cultivation. It takes less water than wheat, melon and it is far more beneficial. This farming brings about Rs 2928 crore annually, which has enriched the Taliban.

Analysts believe that the Taliban want to use opium and poppy to gain legitimacy from foreign powers such as Qatar and China.

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