First Time In The History: 3 Women Judges Take Oath In The Supreme Court


9 Judges Take Oath Together in Supreme court

New delhi, August 31: In an amazing development, 9 judges took oath together in the Supreme Court today. This is the first time in the history of SC and India, when 9 judges have taken oath together, including 3 women judges. Justice Nagarathna is also one of the women judges, who can become the first woman Chief Justice of the country in 2027. Apart from this, Justice PS Narasimha, who has been appointed directly from the bar to the Supreme Court, can also become the Chief Justice in 2028. List of the nine new Judges:

3 women judges In the list of SC Judge

  1. Justice BV Nagarathna
  2. Justice Hima Kohli
  3. Justice Bela Trivedi
  4. Justice Abhay Srinivas Oka
  5. Justice Vikram Nath
  6. Justice Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari
  7. Justice CT Ravi
  8. Justice PS Narasimha
  9. Justice MM Sundaresh
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