Unwed mom bans newborn, to avoid humiliation


Koraput , Nov 28: On Monday morning an unwed mother and her family refused to accept her newborn boy at Rabanguda Community Health Centre in the district to stay away from public humiliation.

Resident of Miniguda village of Koraput district, the unwed mother, a college goer, had developed a love affair with her friend during college period.

She was admitted to the Health Care Centre yesterday, reporting severe labor pain. And gave birth to a boy child this very morning at 5 am. After the delivery the family members and the mother did not agree to accept the newborn and flew away despite repeated approach by the hospital staff, and warned of disposing the baby somewhere else, if forced to take.

The officials informed the district child welfare committee regarding the matter. And the CWC officials took charge of the baby after reaching the spot.

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