US Crosses 4 Million COVID Mark: Over 190K Cases Reported Today


US COVID Surge: Country Suffers One Death & 111 Infections every Minute

US COVID Surge: America is becoming vulnerable to the Delta variant of Corona. The country is going through the worst phase of Coronavirus. In a recent scenario, COVID infections has started to grow massively in the country. According to recent reports, in every 55 seconds there is one death and every single second 2 persons are getting infected in the country, i.e around 111 cases per minute. The country has surpassed 40 million cases till date. . There have been more than 6.62 lakh deaths. Hospitals across the country are full. On the other hand, there is also a fear of lack of oxygen.

In August, 2021, over forty two lakh news cases have been registered in the country, while the death toll has risen to nearly 27,000, i.e. three times of the deaths compare to in July.

Texas, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Vermont, Kansas, the Virgin Islands, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Georgia and North Carolina have recorded more deaths in August 2021 than in 2020. This figure has already been exceeded in Arizona, Oklahama, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, California and Alabama.

Health officials across the country have been blaming the Republican governors for this. According to reports, the Governors neglected the situation, refused to take appropriate measure to check the virus and thus allowed the Super spreader to spread.

Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon being ruled by the Republicans, remain the epicenters of the Delta variant. Florida alone accounts for a fifth of the country’s total Covid-19 hospitalizations. On the other hand, CDC has also requested restricted travel for the non-vaccinated.

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In another shocking report, US Pharma companies and state governments have claimed that at least 15 million doses of the COVID vaccine have been wasted in the US since March that could vaccinate the entire population of more than 20 small countries of the world.

The way the infection spread in India this year, it was proof that Corona will spread again in a new avatar in the world. Today 99% of the cases coming to America are of Delta variant. This is to say- Dr. Syra Madad. Dr. Madad is the Senior Director of the New York City Health Hospital chain. Dr. Madad is also a member of America’s Covid Response Task Force.


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