Vastu tips for successful career

  • It is very much important to setup  office chamber or seat in right direction,seating position in office as per Vastu plays an important role in  Do not sit with  back exposed to the entrance, there should be solid wall behind your seat to boost your confidence and keep your face towards the entrance. Never seat under the beam at  workplace. Place  workstations facing in east which help in getting respect at workplace.
  • Highback chairs are preferred for professionals that ensures rise in career. Do not buy sharp edged and irregular shape furniture for  office . Height of the table or office desk is such that our navel coincides with the height of the table which ensures production of good energy. Keep the top most drawers on the right hand side of  table clutter free and everything should be placed in perfect order that allows smooth working of mind and work. It is good to opt for wooden furniture.
  • While working at office or workplace keep your face towards the North or the East. It brings in positive energies and ensures easy work.
  • Decorate  workplace or office with positive energy symbols like symbol of Om, Lord Ganesha, Swastik or any such thing which spread positive energies. Swastik symbol is recommended for people in higher ranks whereas people in lower ranks could keep a pyramid. Keep a crystal on your table to promote monetary flow and for cheerful ambience.


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