What Happens To Our Body 4 Hours After Have Eaten a Handful Of Nuts


That nuts are, like all dried fruit, beneficial for our body it is nothing new. What is surprising, though, it is finding out that their  positive effects on our body can be noticed after just four hours of consumption. Nuts contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, ideal for health (unlike saturated fat, which can cause damage to the circulatory system) if consumed in normal doses, without overdoes , let say good bye to bad fats that hides in the body. An advantage of no small importance, that meaning into an improvement of the circulatory system and cholesterol levels.


In our body, already four hours away from the consumption of a few nuts, cholesterol levels significantly improve the flexibility of blood vessels guarantees an optimal flow of blood and is achieved a thermogenic effect by virtue of which the fat is accumulated eliminated. In short, the nuts are indispensable allies for heart health, but have a number of other healing properties: when you decide to eat them as a snack or at the end of the meals, you can abandon any sense of guilt and, indeed, to be aware of keep doing good to your body.

Source: Shakahari Blog


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