12-15% Children Are Getting Infected With COVID-19 In Odisha


Bhubaneswar: DMET CBK Mohanty has raised concerns about the rise in COVID cases in the Indian state of Kerala. However, in other states, the effect of infection is lower. In Odisha, 12 percent of children were infected in the first wave of COVID in India while 12 per cent were also recorded in the second wave. Currently, there is a rise in the percentage. Nearly 12 to 15 percent of children are getting infected. In the meanwhile, people of other age groups have already been vaccinated, and antibodies have been created in their bodies.

In this comparison, children seems to be in more danger. It is a matter of serious concern even if one child gets infected. Parents and governments have a bigger responsibility today to protect the children. Teachers are responsible or should be given responsibility of the school-going children. We need to create a safe environment for the children. The child needs to be provided with a safe environment. The main goal now is to control the virus.


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