Endoscope for Sun temple: CBRI to submit scan reports by April end


Bhubaneswar, Feb 23: For safety and maintenance purpose, the Sun Temple at Konark will have to go through a endoscopy test to review it’s internal structure. The decision was made by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), after incident of stones falling from the temple was reported.

No body has known the inside of the temple and to find out the strength of the temple’s foundation columns and the depth of it, a hole will be dug on the ground where the temple rises and to access  the structural stability of its walls and pillars, the CBRI will also conduct an endoscopy inside the walls of the temple, said sources.

Notably, a laser scanning of the temple was done earlier but it is yet to be made public. Now another such action is planned by the CBRI. The CBRI will submit its endoscopy reports to the ASI by April end this year, and accordingly follow will the maintenance.


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