A Married Man Of Odisha Marries Transwoman With Wife’s Consent

A Married Man Of Odisha Marries Transwoman With Wife's Consent
A Married Man Of Odisha Marries Transwoman With Wife's Consent

September 13

An uncommon love marriage took place in the Kalahandi district of Odisha. Sangeeta, a transwoman from the small village of Depur in Narla Thana, Kalahandi, is married to Fakir Nial from the nearby village of Dhurkuti.

The Fakir is married and is having a son.  He’s been loving Sangeeta, a trans woman, for the past year after he met her a year back.    After then, the two of them started a phone conversation. Soon later, they found each other and made the conscious decision to tie the knot. Fakir even shared the news with his loved ones at home.

What’s most important is that Fakir’s family has given their blessing to this marriage. However, Sangita shared this information with the Kinnar Federation as well. They concurred as well. The ceremony that united Fakir and Sangeeta took place at Narla, at the temple of Bahuchori Mata.

Aside from Fakir’s wife and other relatives, there were also several transgender people present. Many local relatives participated in this unconventional marriage, and many visitors came to see them tie the knot.

A grateful Sangita Kinnar expressed, “I feel happy since everyone in his family has embraced me, even his wife.

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