Age fudging scam: Higher Education director targeted by BSE


Bhubaneswar, Dec 14: After Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) initiated a probe to ascertain the age of 36 Odisha sportsmen, the Higher Education department has asked the Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Cuttack to provide details and documents regarding the date of birth of Nihar Ranjan Patnaik, director, Higher Education.

It’s stated as per the department that Patnaik passed his High School Certificate (HSC) Examination at the age of 14 when as per rules the minimum age limit for regular candidates to appear at the HSC test shall not be less than 15 years. In a recent letter to BSE Secretary, the department has asked to clarify whether age condonation was allowed in favour of Patnaik whose date of birth as per service book is 07.02. 1957. If the Board fails to submit documents in this regard, the department may seek legal procedure to take action against the official. This was said by educationist, Amulya Panda. Regarding the same, Patnaik has been issued with a show cause notice by the department.

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