China tells nations not to give any ‘stage’ to Tibetans


Beijing, March 18: China Thursday said it never recognised the Dalai Lama-backed Tibetan government-in-exile in India and asked countries around the world not to provide any “stage” to independence activists from Tibet.

“You must be quite clear about the position of Chinese government, that we have never recognised this so-called government-in-exile,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

He was answering a question about the final election for the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-exile based in Dharamsala slated for March 20 and whether the Chinese government has any preferred candidate.

“We also hope that countries around the world, especially those that have friendly relations with us will not provide any stage for Tibetan independence separatist activities,” he said.

China considers the Dalai Lama, the self-exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, as a proponent of Tibet’s separation and has rejected his autonomy proposals.

According to overseas groups, about 130 Tibetans attempted self-immolations in recent years demanding the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

The Tibetan Parliament-in-exile is the unicameral and highest legislative organ of the Central Tibetan administration in Dharamsala.

The Tibetan prime minister (chief executive) is directly elected by about 150,000 members of the exiled Tibetan community. The Parliament currently consists of 44 members.

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