COVID C1.2 Variant, Identified in South Africa: Vaccines Show No Effect On It


COVID C1.2 Variant: Most Contagious Virus Than Its Previous variants

New Delhi, August 30: While massive vaccination drives are underway across the world to combat the corona epidemic, a new variant of corona has been identified in South Africa, which is more contagious than any of the previously identified COVID variants. Even vaccines have been shown to have no effect on it. This variant is named C1.2.


Researchers at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in South Africa and the Quazulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform (CRISP) said C1.2 was first detected in South Africa last May. Meanwhile, it has already reached other countries around the world, including China, Congo, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, New Zealand and Switzerland. This variant can infect more rapidly than other variants of the coronavirus, but it can also defeat the immunity created by the vaccine. This COVID C1.2 variant has an annual mutation rate of 71.6 percent, which is twice the average mutation rate of other variants. Because of this, the vaccine is said to have little effect on this variant.

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