Weekly Horoscope prediction for 29th August to 4th September

Are you wondering how your week is going to be? Want to know what the stars have been hiding for you this week? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up this week. Check your weekly horoscope for 29th August to 4th September here…

Aries(The Ram)

Dear Aries, avoid driving harshly this week if you are planning to go on a road trip as injuries, accidents and unfortunate events are possible to occur. Prefer taking care of your body and mind this week. We suggest you take a positive approach to all the events that take place around you. This is a great time for you to start working on yourself with some exercise, yoga or meditation. This week, you will find a lot of financial stability which will also bring positive changes in your personal life. Try spending some quality time with your partner and help them with their chores. It is the right time for you to start planning about your future.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Virgo and Sagittarius.

Taurus (The Bull)

Dear Taurus, this week calls your attention to issues you have been ignoring for a long time. Remember, the stars are favoring you this week so plan wisely to complete all the pending works. We suggest you start planning your next steps towards success soon. Prefer avoiding conflicts and arguments with your loved ones as you might end up hurting them. Try remaining calm towards everybody. There is a gap building up in your relationship, focus on resolving that. Communication is the key to successful relationships, that’s why try to communicate with your partner as much as possible. If you are single, this week will bring you some good news, and you will find the strength to forget your past and lay foundations for something special.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Cancer and Aries.

Gemini (The twins)

Dear Gemini, allow yourself a moment of relaxation this week as you deserve it after all the hard work you have been doing. You need to plan for a short trip and prefer it to be a quiet place where you find some time to isolate yourself from everything that is bothering you. There might be a hectic schedule at work, remain calm. Don’t let people around you upset you and disturb your peace of mind. In your personal life, things seem to be getting back to track, and it is a sign for you to start thinking about your future. Don’t hesitate to use your best skills at the workplace as it will get you the spotlight you have been waiting for. Remember, don’t try to be involved in situations not concerning you.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Aries and Pisces.

Cancer (The Crab)

Dear Cancer, this week might bring in you a feeling of confusion. But, try to remain calm both in your personal and professional life. There are chances of getting great success in your career. The stars indicate success for you, but nothing comes for free. You might need to pay a high price for it. We suggest you to decide wisely and not to rush into conclusions. There are possibilities of going on a work trip far from home. You also need to stop wasting on unnecessary spending and start being careful with your finances. It is time for you to begin a new chapter in your love life and try to figure out what you want. Try to be expressive as lack of communication might generate chaos. If you are single, this is a great time for you to find a companion. Seize the chance and explore!

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Aquarius and Cancer.

Leo (The lion)

Dear Leo, this will be a successful week for you. All your creativity and intense energy will pave your way towards victory. If there are any pending issues, try to complete it with confidence. If you are single, expect surprises coming your way. There is a possibility of a new person entering your life blossoming the feeling of love. Your relationship is going to be filled with happiness and passion. Stay by the side of your partner as they might need your support emotionally. Your professional life is going to be smooth and will also help you evolve.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Capricorn and Scorpio

Virgo (The Virgin)

Dear Virgo, try to remain confident about yourself and believe in your capabilities. Prefer listening to your heart rather than other’s opinions. Plan something for yourself. It can be an outing, meeting friends, shopping, spending time with family. If you remain calm this week it will be helpful for you next week. If you feel your present job is not satisfying your requirements, you may start looking for another one. This will not only give you immense satisfaction but also result in more income. If your relationship is going through a rough time, this is a great opportunity for you to clear out the issues. Work on your relationship together and make it strong.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Taurus and Leo.

Libra (The Scales)

Dear Libra, this week might get you into some trouble in your professional life. You must remain careful with your words and try to not get into conflicts with your seniors. Maintain a peaceful relationship with them. If you are facing any problems in your relationship, clear it out soon. Try to spend more time with your partner than your friends. Try to listen to your partner more. Be a mature person and keep your ego aside. If you are single, things might get exciting for you this week.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Aquarius and Scorpio.

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

Dear Scorpio, this week you will be able to achieve your goals as the stars are favoring you. Your career is evolving, and your hard work will be rewarded by your seniors. You need to remain very attentive this week. You will be appreciated at home too because of your efforts. Your partner will be more understanding towards you and will support you through all the thick and thin. This week is an opportunity for you to invest in something important. Try to focus on your health and body too.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Cancer and Sagittarius.

Sagittarius (The Archer)

Dear Sagittarius, this week might be a bit stressful for you. We suggest you to stay away from people that disturb your peace, even if they are close to you. Prefer not to plan anything for the future this week, as it is not the right time for you. Try to spend time with people you are comfortable with. Single people have the possibility of meeting someone new and people who are already committed might face minor issues in their relationship. But, there is nothing to worry as this is just a phase and will be over soon. Try to communicate with your partner more and always remember how important they are to you. Take everything calmly this week.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Leo and Libra.

Capricorn (The Sea goat)

Dear Capricorn, this week try to seek kindness. Prefer spending time with people who are honest to you. We suggest you keep your eyes open to stay away from trouble. Your loved ones will be there for you constantly to support you. If you are single, there are possibilities of meeting someone new. You might feel the urge to change your occupation and explore somewhere else. Keep your patience and think twice before deciding anything important. Try not to waste much money unnecessarily and save it for the future.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Capricorn and Gemini.

Aquarius (The Water Career)

Dear Aquarius, this week you will have great energy and great confidence towards all the matters. You will be filled with positive energy and this will help you to achieve new goals. Meanwhile, your body might feel restless. Prefer taking some rest and spending time with yourself. There are possibilities of a short trip. But do not rush and drive harshly as accidents and minor injuries are indicated. Your love life is going to smooth. You and your partner will spend great time together this week which will strengthen your bond. This is a good opportunity for you to invest in any property or business as it will profit you in the future.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Pisces and Taurus.

Pisces (The Fishes)

Dear Pisces, things might not go this week the way you planned. Though it will not impact your life too much, still it will bring a lot of frustration to you. Remain careful and believe in yourself. Try to spend more time with your parents as they might need your attention. Be sure to be there with them in the time of need. For people in relationships, this week will go smoothly and your bond will strengthen. You can start planning for a vacation or a short trip with your partner. We suggest you save money as you may require it in the future. Try to be more hardworking and attentive at your workplace if you want to succeed.

Zodiac signs that will be favorable to you this week are Leo and Taurus.

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