Daily horoscope: Know What Your Stars Say About Your Day For 3rd of September


Are you wondering how your day is going to be? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up today? Check your daily horoscope for 3rd September here…

Aries (The Ram)

Dear Aries, as the moon moves into Cancer you may feel the urge to express all the emotions you have been holding on for a long time. We suggest you express your vulnerable side to your loved ones. Spend some quality time with your partner today. You should start following a fitness regime now. For those expecting a suitable partner for marriage, may get to hear some good news. Try not to plan for any trips now as it is not the right time for you. The time between 5pm to 7pm is considered to be lucky for you.

Lucky color- Light Pink
Lucky alphabet- R
Friendly numbers- 5,11

Taurus (The bull)

As the moon transits into Cancer you may feel energized and fresh today. This is a great time for you to complete all your pending works. You will impress your seniors today with your hard work and dedication. We suggest you listen more before jumping into a conclusion. Doing so will help you to understand people better, and will help you to stay away from unnecessary arguments. The luckiest time of the day for you is between 10am to 1pm.

Lucky color- White
Lucky alphabet- A
Friendly numbers- 10,17

Gemini (The twins)

The moon in Cancer will help you to stay away from messy situations around you. This is a great time to apply for a job. A family feud over some property is possible today. So, try to stay calm and watch your words before speaking. You may find the need to balance your professional and personal life. You are advised to avoid too much traveling. It is better for you to spend more time with your family. People in relationships will have their happy moments today. Today, schedule anything important between 3pm to 4pm, for better results.

Lucky color-  Electric Grey
Lucky alphabet- K
Friendly numbers- 1,7

Cancer (The crab)

Dear Cancer, as the moon transits in Cancer you may feel a bit stressed today. Chances are you could feel frustrated with yourself as things might not go the way you have been planning. However, family members will be happy with you because of your efforts. Some workout and yoga will prove to be helpful for you. We suggest you to not worry about the issues you are facing today as it is just a phase. The time between 9am to 10am is going to be good for you.

Lucky color-  Orange
Friendly numbers- 3,10
Lucky alphabet- L

Leo (The lion)

Due to the presence of the moon in Cancer you may get some good news from your family or friends. Keep yourself available for phone calls and emails as there are chances of getting a good job opportunity. Traveling to a new place is on the cards. We suggest you not to get affected by your past life and choices. Students are likely to perform better at their exams today. The time between 9am to 11am is considered to be auspicious for you.

Lucky color- Turquoise
Friendly numbers- 1,5
Lucky alphabet- Y

Virgo (The virgin)

Dear Virgo, the movement of the moon in Cancer may bring happiness and harmony to you. We advise you to stay away from negativity. Something minor can also affect your energy today, so you need to remain careful. Also, make sure to spend more time with your family and partner. Try to be more expressive with them. Try to make your bond with your loved ones stronger.  Monetary gains are indicated for you. The time between 10am to 12pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color- Olive green
Friendly numbers- 7,18
Lucky alphabet- E

Libra (The scales)

The presence of the moon in Cancer may help you to have a spiritual and peaceful mind. You will be able to balance your emotions, and it will help you to take care of important issues, dear Libra. Stay focused on your work and everything will fall into place. Try to ignore all the negativity if you want your day to go smoothly. Bonding well with your boss will benefit you in matters like promotion. Keep your expenses under control, and start saving for the future. The time between 3pm to 5pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color- Sky blue
Friendly numbers- 2,9
Lucky alphabet- J

Scorpio (The scorpion)

Owing to the influence of the moon in Cancer you may be a victim of sleeplessness, which may keep you moody and lazy throughout the day. We suggest you focus on how to drag out the negativity from your life. You are advised not to invest in any property as of now. And you should also avoid rash driving. Try to listen to your partner more today, as they will help you to gain more success. Try to complete anything important before 12pm today.

Lucky color- Beige
Friendly numbers- 5,18
Lucky alphabet- O

Sagittarius (The archer)

The moon present in Cancer will help you to be motivated and determined throughout the day. You will finally find the solutions of all the problems you have been troubling with. Try to use this to communicate with your loved ones and focus on strengthening your relationship. The time between 6pm to 7pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color- Lime green
Friendly numbers- 2,4
Lucky alphabet- H

Capricorn (The sea goat)

With the presence of the moon in Cancer your day may begin with some frustrations. But don’t worry as you will have a feeling of happiness at the end of the day. Try to remain patient throughout the day. Prefer spending more time with your parents. Job seekers are likely to find a perfect job for them today. Today, the time between 4pm to 5pm is considered to be auspicious for you.

Lucky color- Magenta
Friendly numbers- 6,9
Lucky alphabet- B

Aquarius (The water career)

As the moon remains in Cancer, you may need to handle yourself in various difficult situations. This transit may make you feel upset and low on confidence. Today, we suggest you to feel confident about yourself and believe in your skills. Put your opinions at your workplace. Try to spend more time with your partner if you want to strengthen your relationship. Anything important needs to be completed before 4pm.

Lucky color- Cream
Friendly numbers- 5,8
Lucky alphabet- D

Pisces (The fishes)

With the moon in Cancer, you may feel confident at your workplace. You will be in a better position today to face all the difficulties and solve them effortlessly. But, stay away from people who cause you stress. The best way to deal with it is to ignore them and communicate with people who make you feel better about yourself. Remain positive throughout the day. Overall, your day will go fine both at the workplace and home. The time between 12pm to 2pm is considered to be lucky for you.

Lucky color– Blue
Friendly numbers- 7,18
Lucky alphabet- V

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