Daily horoscope: Know What Your Stars Say About Your Day For 26th of August

Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope

Are you wondering how your day is going to be? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up today? Check your daily horoscope for 26th August here…

Aries (The Ram)

Your confidence level is going to be high today helping you to channel your energies in the right direction. You have been quite productive since days and it will finally get you recognition and praise. Use this good energy and productivity to complete all the pending works. You are advised to complete anything important before 5pm for better results.

Lucky color-  Purple
Lucky alphabet- L
Friendly numbers- 9,10

Taurus (The bull)

As the moon is in Aries, you are likely to feel more determined today. Today focusing on your career and building yourself a good life will be your main priority. We suggest you continue your focus on this as it will lead you in the right direction and bring you steady gains. You may find some hurdles but believe in yourself and face it with confidence. However, remember not to neglect your family members and your partner at the cost of your career. The time between 11am to 1pm is going to be good for you.

Lucky color- Light blue
Lucky alphabet- O
Friendly numbers- 3,7

Gemini (The twins)

Presence of the moon in Aries might land you into some controversy, and this could make you irritated. Differences of opinions with your siblings might cause some disturbance. If you find the disturbance increasing, prefer stepping back. Keep your calm and handle the situation with some maturity if you don’t want it to turn ugly.  Today anything important can be scheduled between 2pm to 3pm.

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Lucky color- Lavender
Lucky alphabet- T
Friendly numbers- 2,5

Cancer (The crab)

You may feel a bit upset and your anxiety levels are likely to increase as the moon moves into Aries. Make sure you take some time for yourself as well as your family. Remember this feeling is temporary and it is going to be fine soon. This will pass surely and feel normal again. Try spending time with those you are comfortable with, this may help you with your mood swings. Try to complete any important task between 10am to 11am.

Lucky color- Yellow
Friendly numbers- 7,15
Lucky alphabet- A

Leo (The lion)

Dear Leo, you will find a lot of peace of mind today. Don’t let anyone hamper it. You will definitely find people who want to disturb you and irritate you, remember to ignore them. This time of relaxation and peace should be taken as a blessing. Don’t give anyone the right to influence you and ruin it. Prefer being with people you are close to. Today your luck time is between 3pm to 5pm.

Lucky color- Green
Friendly numbers- 5,8
Lucky alphabet- P

Virgo (The Virgin)

You may remain in a good state of mind as the moon is in Aries. Dear Virgo, try spending more time with your family and strengthen your ties with them. Today you will be filled with positivity and this day will be good for you to sort out any differences with your loved ones. Anything of high importance needs to be addressed between 4pm to 6pm.

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Lucky color- Orange
Friendly numbers- 8,12
Lucky alphabet- E

Libra (The scales)

You will feel energetic and enthusiastic the entire day as the moon moves in Aries. This transit will make you feel motivated and push you to do better. Find some time for your loved ones and try to be a bit more expressive today. The time between 12pm to 2pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color- Pink
Friendly numbers- 6,17
Lucky alphabet- R

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

With the moon transitioning in Aries you may feel the need of self-validation. You will want to sort out your life, so start planning accordingly. Remember, everything in life needs effort. So start putting efforts towards your plan. Any actions taken now will prove to be fruitful for you. Plan anything important for you between 3pm to 5pm today.

Lucky color-  Royal blue
Friendly numbers- 3,9
Lucky alphabet- Y

Sagittarius (The archer)

Dear Sagittarius, you will be pretty much productive today. There is a possibility of traveling to some new place and it will be pleasurable. This is a perfect time to realize a lot about your desires and dreams. Plan anything important for you between 11:30 am to 2 pm.

Lucky color- Violet
Friendly numbers- 7,18
Lucky alphabet- B

Capricorn (The sea goat)

Due to the presence of the moon in Aries, your life is slowly getting back on track. Today your friends may be helpful towards you and guide you on the right track. Work hard on your relationships if you want it to keep going. Try to be more clear with your thoughts and express yourself more precisely. Overall, the day will be good for you. So enjoy your day! Your luckiest time of the day is between 4pm to 6pm.

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Lucky color- Grey
Friendly numbers- 4,8
Lucky alphabet- M

Aquarius (The water career)

Dear Aquarius, you may finally get some clarity on the issues that have been troubling you in the past. Today will be a positive day for you. Prefer spending more time with your family and friends. Give yourself some time to enjoy. You deserve this! Try to complete anything important between 11am to 1pm.

Lucky color- Orange
Friendly numbers- 7,12
Lucky alphabet- C

Pisces (The fisher)

Today the moon’s presence in Aries will bring you positivity and tranquility. You will find some clarity on matters concerning you. Today you will find answers to all your problems and it will direct you to the path of success and happiness. Today is a good time for you to sort out any problems with friends or loved ones. 5:30pm to 7:30pm is considered to be auspicious for you.

Lucky color- Maroon
Friendly numbers- 5,19
Lucky alphabet- E

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