Daily horoscope: Know What Your Stars Say About Your Day For 29th of August

Daily Horoscope Of 29th August
Daily Horoscope Of 29th August

Are you wondering how your day is going to be? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up today? Check your daily horoscope for 29th August here…

Aries (The Ram)

Dear Aries, today you may feel anxious and stressed throughout the day, take some time from your busy schedule and prefer spending it with your family and friends. This is a temporary period of feeling insecure, but it will pass soon and you will be feeling better again. There are chances of you spending time with your loved ones today. Try to be more active at your workplace. Use your intelligence and common sense, it will lead you forward in life. Today 9am to 11am is considered to be auspicious for you.

Lucky colour- Mauve

Lucky alphabet- G

Friendly numbers- 1,11

Taurus (The bull)

As the moon is placed in Taurus, use this day to take a break and relax. Dear Taurus, if things are not going the way you have planned it you should stop stressing over it as it will do you no good. Prefer spending some time in solitude as it will bring a sense of righteousness in you and boost your lost confidence. After all, life is all about ups and downs. Never lose your hopes and always choose to fight the odds. Schedule all your important work between 2pm to 3:30pm.

Lucky colour- Beige

Lucky alphabet- Y

Friendly numbers- 6,8

Gemini (The twins)

You may feel a bit confused today as the moon is transitioning in Taurus. You might need to calm yourself down and watch your tone today, as your rudeness might hurt people close to you. There are possibilities of feeling emotionally unstable as you are not in a very clear state of mind today. However, you need to keep yourself stable today and avoid making decisions impulsively. The time between 4pm to 6pm is going to be lucky for you.

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Lucky colour-  Magenta pink

Lucky alphabet- A

Friendly numbers- 4,10

Cancer (The crab)

Dear Cancer, your perspective towards life may undergo a huge change today. You are likely to be drawn towards things that are right for you in the coming future. Your seniors may appreciate you for your efforts and skills at your workplace. This new perspective of looking at things may be a beginning for you to start a new chapter in your life where you work on fulfilling your dreams. Today, the time between 4pm to 5pm is considered to be auspicious for you.

Lucky colour-  Turquoise

Friendly numbers- 3,9

Lucky alphabet- U

Leo (The lion)

You may feel agitated towards a person with a higher position of power. It is mostly the influence of Taurus that is making you feel this way. Dear Leo, losing your patience today and bringing your ego in between will not help you much today. Try to be tactful and diplomatic. Prefer spending some time in solitude between 7:30am to 8:45am which will enable you to focus better and find some mental peace.

Lucky colour- Olive green

Friendly numbers- 5,7

Lucky alphabet- K

Virgo (The virgin)

Today, spend some time looking inward and improving your core beliefs. It will bring you happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Make sure to be engaged in activities that make you happy. Remember, to use your best skills at the workplace. It will help you to move towards success. Today the time between 3pm to 5pm is considered to be lucky for you, so plan wisely.

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Lucky colour- Maroon

Friendly numbers- 1,3

Lucky alphabet- P

Libra (The scales)

Dear Libra, today you will find ample opportunities to show your skills and be in the spotlight at your workplace. Today is a day to feel energetic and enthusiastic. Today you are surrounded by good energy so use it wisely to solve any problem. The planets will favor you the most between 9:30am to 11am so plan your day according.

Lucky colour- Rosy brown

Friendly numbers- 12,15

Lucky alphabet- D

Scorpio (The scorpion)

Today, things may get a bit chaotic for you as the moon is present in Taurus. The Possibility of losing your patience at your workplace is high. You will be getting a lot of mood swings today and that being said you need to stay extra cautious. We suggest you to keep a calm attitude and just go with the flow. Avoid doing anything important between 2pm to 4:15pm as it is considered to be unlucky for you.

Lucky colour- Royal blue

Friendly numbers- 3,8

Lucky alphabet- V

Sagittarius (The archer)

You may face a few challenges today as the moon enters Taurus. For those who are working, you may experience a lack of support from your coworkers. And there are possibilities of getting disheartened when your seniors don’t appreciate your creativity. We suggest you not to let such events affect you. Don’t allow yourself to be filled with negative energy. Continue walking on your determined path as it is just a phase which will fade away soon. Try to complete anything important to you before 4:30pm today.

Lucky colour- Midnight blue

Friendly numbers- 2,11

Lucky alphabet- E

Capricorn (The seagoat)

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You may feel low on confidence today as the moon is in Taurus. At work the senior members may create problems for you. Remember, to keep your eyes open. Try to keep yourself away from negative energy and don’t get influenced by others opinions. Remain extremely cautious today if you don’t want to fall into any trap. The wisest thing for you to do is keep your distance from negativity and believe your heart. Try postponing anything important after 3pm today.

Lucky colour- Light green

Friendly numbers- 7,9

Lucky alphabet- L

Aquarius (The water career)

Dear Aquarius, try to keep yourself involved today mostly in social causes. This is a great day for you to invest some of your time and money to the disadvantaged population. This will bring you peace and glory. You will be amazed by the feeling of tranquility that it brings you. Overall, your day is going to be good today and there are chances of spending some great time with your loved ones. Today the time between 5pm to 6pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky colour- Yellow

Friendly numbers- 10,15

Lucky alphabet- C

Pisces (The fishes)

Dear Pisces, today there are a lot of surprises coming your way. Your personal and professional life is going to be smooth. There are chances of finding a new love and for people who are already committed, today is the perfect day to fix any overdue problem. Try to be more expressive today to make your connection stronger. Today is a great day for you to increase your finances. The time between 11am to 1pm is going to be lucky for you.

Lucky colour- Dark brown

Friendly numbers- 2,9

Lucky alphabet- H


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