Daily horoscope: Know What Your Stars Say About Your Day For 31st of August

Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope

Are you wondering how your day is going to be? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up today? Check your daily horoscope for 31st August here…

Aries (The Ram)

You may deal with some tension today as the moon is present in Gemini. But, don’t let these events affect you. It’s only a phase and will pass soon. Focus on your own life and try to finish all the pending work. Just give some time to yourself and wait for things to get sorted out. The time between 3pm to 5pm is considered to be lucky for you.

Lucky color- Red
Lucky alphabet- D
Friendly numbers- 2,5

Taurus (The bull)

Dear Taurus, some of you may feel slightly disturbed regarding certain aspects of your life. You may suffer from anxiety today, but remain calm as it is just a phase. You might get involved in some arguments with your seniors at work. We suggest you to remain calm and try to do things that bring you peace. Schedule anything important between 1:15pm to 2:30 pm for better results.

Lucky color- White
Lucky alphabet- E
Friendly numbers- 4,9

Gemini (The twins

You may feel a bit confused today as the moon positions itself in Gemini. Dear Gemini, you may need to work hard and rethink your strategies. Try not to make any crucial decisions today as the time is not right. However, things will go smoothly at home and you will feel a lot of positivity. Time between 3pm to 5pm is going to be good for you.

Lucky color-  Green
Lucky alphabet- H
Friendly numbers- 1,6

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Cancer (The crab)

Due to the presence of the moon in Gemini, today monetary gains are indicated. According to our predictions, investing in some business or property will pay you back abundantly in the future. Try spending more time with your parents today and plan for a short trip with them. If there is any important work, try scheduling it between 3pm to 5:30pm for great results.

Lucky color- Mauve
Friendly numbers- 2,10
Lucky alphabet- L

Leo (The lion)

Family will play a great role in your life today as the moon is present in Gemini. You will be praised by your parents for your hard work and they will be a reason for your strength. You might face some disagreement with your partner today. Try to listen to your partner even if you don’t agree with them. Singles, today is a great time for you to find someone special. Try to finish all the pending work between 2:15 to 3:30pm.

Lucky color- Maroon
Friendly numbers- 4,12
Lucky alphabet- T

Virgo (The virgin)

You may be feeling worried about your career today as the moon remains in Gemini.  Dear Virgo, your anxiety level may be a bit high today, so make sure to take some time out for yourself. Prefer spending your time with some meditation, reading and yoga. Remember, things will be back to normal and you will be back to your cheerful self again. Your stars indicate that the time between 12pm to 2pm is considered to be lucky for you.

Lucky color- Magenta
Friendly numbers- 3,17
Lucky alphabet- W

Libra (The scales)

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The moon’s presence in Gemini will make you feel motivated today. You can achieve anything you want with some hard work. Don’t try to get involved in any stressful situations. This time of relaxation should be wisely used and you should think of new ideas to develop your career. This will help you to find peace and will satisfy your soul. Your luckiest hour of the day will be between 10am to 11am.

Lucky color- Beige
Friendly numbers- 12,17
Lucky alphabet- U

Scorpio (The scorpion)

As the moon moves into Gemini, some of you may feel quite tensed about your life. The reason could be that you may not be feeling comfortable with the sudden changes taking place in your life. We suggest you not to make any important decisions regarding your life right now. Remember, it is fine not to feel okay at times. Do things that make you feel happy and it will boost your self-confidence. The time between 10am to 12pm is going to be good for you.

Lucky color- Light blue
Friendly numbers- 6,9
Lucky alphabet- O

Sagittarius (The archer)

Dear Sagittarius, you will be in a happy mood today as you gain clarity of thought due to the presence of moon in Gemini. You will solve all the problems that have been troubling you for long. Take this opportunity to clear up all the pending projects and take care of all your responsibilities with confidence. Plan wisely and prefer not to rush into conclusions. Schedule anything important between 3pm to 5pm for better results.

Lucky color- Brown
Friendly numbers- 8,12
Lucky alphabet- R

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Capricorn (The sea goat)

As the moon moves into Gemini, some of you may feel under confident. This may not be the right time for you to make any crucial decisions. This is just temporary phase and will pass soon. On the other hand, financial matters will not worry you. Your family will be with you today and will encourage you continuously. If you have any important work, schedule it between 12pm to 2pm.

Lucky color- Orange
Friendly numbers- 1,3
Lucky alphabet- P

Aquarius (The water career)

Today is going to be a great day for you. This is the perfect time to make important decisions related to your life. Use this time wisely and complete all the pending works. You may find some changes today in your personal and professional life. But don’t worry it will bring you a lot happiness and positivity. Try to complete anything important before 11am for good results.

Lucky color- Lavender
Friendly numbers- 11,19
Lucky alphabet- W

Pisces (The fishes)

The support of your family will keep you confident and happy throughout the day. As the moon makes its presence felt in Gemini you will realize how lucky you are to be blessed with such good people in your life. You may find yourself today in a confusing situation but your loved ones would be there to show you the right path. The time between 11am to 1pm is considered to auspicious for you.

Lucky color– Blue
Friendly numbers- 5,15
Lucky alphabet- I


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