Daily Horoscope – Astrological Predictions For 11th August


Aries (The Ram)

Horoscope of Aries may seem that someone is trying to hide something from you, and the more you seek it out, the more elusive it becomes. Even if you try to interrogate the other party – especially if you do – you may find that it will be impossible to get the information you want. Health will be fine despite a hectic day. You tend to approach whatever you need in a very assertive way, and although that may work for you most of the time, it is not what’s needed today. Just remain alert and allow the person, or the knowledge you need, to come to you. It will come at the right time.

Lucky colour- Dark yellow
Lucky alphabet- L
Friendly numbers- 4,9

Taurus (The Bull)

Horoscope of Taurus people says that even the kindest, most gentle person can have a temperamental moment. You might treat yourself harshly today over something you said or did that you wish you had not said or done. All you can do is do your best and learn from your mistakes. If you do that, you are fulfilling a big part of your purpose. Health should be given utmost priority today. Enemies at work might become your friend today for any of your kind work. Prefer spending your time reading a book.

Lucky colour- Deep red
Lucky alphabet- V
Friendly numbers- 3,5

Gemini (The Twins)

Encourage yourself to be acceptable towards positive emotions such as love, hope, faith, sympathy, optimism, and loyalty.It is difficult to deal with someone who is passive/aggressive because they are not upfront about things. If you are facing a situation like this today,interacting will only frustrate you further. Say what you have to say, and leave it at that. When the other party is ready to deal realistically, they will come to you. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to work around someone’s kinks. New partnership with anyone might turn fruitful today.

Lucky colour- Dark green
Lucky alphabet- P
Friendly numbers- 1,4,8

Cancer (The Crab)

Things might finally be looking up with an intense situation you have been worried about today. Even so, you may still be afraid to let yourself feel at ease and hope for the best. Try to avoid any negativity. Let hopeful thoughts infiltrate your mind, and pretty soon, they will take over. You do have much to be hopeful about, and you should concentrate on that. Family expectations might bother you. At the same time any investment professionally will be profitable.

Lucky colour- Turquoise
Friendly numbers- 9,18
Lucky alphabet- E

Leo (The Lion)

Someone in your world may have caused an undesirable situation that bothers you a lot, but for some reason, you are taking it to heart and imagining that you are the cause of it. As a strong Leo, you want to be there for the ones you love, and you want to protect them from everything. But that can only go so far. A special compliment from a friend might give you some happiness. Those who are still unemployed might need to work harder. Try not to be bothered by anyone’s opinion. It might cause some tension in your married life today.

Lucky colour- Rosy
Friendly numbers- 8,18
Lucky alphabet- K

Virgo (The Virgin)

Motivate yourself today to be more optimistic. You might face some insecurities regarding your professional life. But all it will take to cheer you up is some determination to keep going and a bit of creative thinking.For single people, today chances of meeting someone who would blossom a feeling in your heart would be very strong. The married one’s day today is going to be filled with love, happiness and bliss.

Lucky colour- Orange
Friendly numbers- 5,9
Lucky alphabet- J

Libra (The Scales)

You might have to make certain big decisions today. Big decisions are almost always difficult when we keep scanning the many available options. Too many options to choose from can be confusing and stressful when you look at everything all at once. Keep yourself calm and choose wisely as it may have an impact in your life later.It’s only a matter of approaching this important question in a calm and focused way. You’ll get it right. Go out for a long walk, for the sake of your health and peace.

Lucky colour- Chocolate
Friendly numbers- 6,9
Lucky alphabet- G

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

Horoscope for Scorpio people is you need to approach a current problem that is associated with a relationship close to your heart. Today you will be able to get some time for yourself despite the busy schedule, prefer spending it with your family. Try to understand your partner and explain yourself wisely to avoid unnecessary arguments. Someone at work might try to disturb your plans, keep a watchful eye around you.

Lucky colour- Cream
Friendly numbers- 4,8,12
Lucky alphabet- A

Sagittarius (The Archer)

For this Zodiac sign people the Horoscope is – Today, though, if you avoid a problem that’s bothering you, you might find that it will resolve itself – especially if you aren’t feeling anxious about it. Sometimes, not forcing events is the smart and preferred thing to do. Outdoor sports will attract you today, you would wish to spend time on yourself with some exercise and yoga. Today is your lucky day, you will have plenty of time for yourself. The internal beauty of your relationship with your partner will enhance today.

Lucky colour- Light yellow
Friendly numbers- 8,15
Lucky alphabet- T

Capricorn (The sea-goat)

Horoscope for this zodiac sign people is you might develop a desire to earn quick money. Family members will support your opinions and ideas. Being agitated towards your lover will not solve any issue. Rather you should keep a cool head and explain your true feelings to your partner. You should behave according to the circumstances at your workplace today. Prefer remaining quiet if not required, as any involvement in some unnecessary topics might get you in trouble. Excellent day for you if you want to invest in any sort of social work. Your husband/wife might cause you some loss today.

Lucky colour- Electric blue
Friendly numbers- 1,4,13
Lucky alphabet- H

Aquarius (The Water Career)

Horoscope for Aquarius sign is, you will make good money today,but there are chances of you spending it unnecessarily. Try saving the money for future requirements. Spend your time with your children. It is the best form of healing if you are stressed for any reason. Today, you might feel lazy in your workplace. You will face some things which might frustrate you, which won’t allow you to concentrate on your work. You might find your married life boring. Try to find out a way that helps you and your partner in coping up with each other.

Lucky colour- Dark red
Friendly numbers- 5,12
Lucky alphabet- I

Pisces (The Fishes)

Horoscope for these zodiac sign peoples are your rude behavior in your workplace might cause you some problems, try avoiding that. You must realize that disrespect and taking someone for granted severely harm a relationship. A new business deal will get finalized and you will make good money. If you want your love life to remain strong and continue for lifelong, then do not react or make opinions about your partner by listening to any third person. Today, you will be able to take out time for yourself despite the busy schedule,use it well by doing some physical exercise to keep your body, mind and soul together.

Lucky colour- Teal
Friendly numbers- 1,5,9
Lucky alphabet- M


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