Daily horoscope: Know What Your Stars Say About Your Day For 22nd of August

Horoscope For 22nd August
Horoscope For 22nd August

Are you wondering how your day is going to be? Are you worried about your day today? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up today? Check your daily horoscope for 22nd August here…

Aries (The Ram)

Horoscope for Aries says that, today you will feel a little distracted and restless owing to the presence of the Moon in Aquarius. But fight these urges to lighten up on your efforts at the workplace, because the time you put in now will be worth it later. Your professional attitude will be strongly highlighted now, so pour all your efforts into whatever you have in hand, Aries. Focus on all the good things of life and reap the rewards in the near future. The time between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm is lucky for you today.

Lucky color- Maroon
Lucky alphabet- Y
Friendly numbers- 8,10

Taurus (The Bull)

With the Moon in Aquarius you may feel a bit low on confidence and upset about certain aspects of your life. You may feel like particular things in your life may not be in line with your dreams. However, do not give in to these negative thoughts, instead motivate yourself to look for life changing experiences and explore different aspects of your life. Dreams are what life is made of, do not be afraid to dream big and you should not need to assume that dreams will always be out of reach. If you work methodically and strive always for greatness there is nothing that can stop you in life. The time between 4 pm to 6 pm is lucky for you today.

Lucky color- Orange
Lucky alphabet- E
Friendly numbers- 4,17

Gemini (The Twins)

Dear Gemini, today you may find that you end up doing something that impresses those around you. This may bring a lot of appreciation from your seniors. You seem to be performing at your best in multiple areas of your life and others are really noticing today. Do not let all the accolades go to your head, though some of your friends will talk about you for that reason instead. Just enjoy the feeling of accomplishment today.

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Lucky color- Purple
Lucky alphabet- L
Friendly numbers- 4,9

Cancer (The Crab)

Dear Cancer, today try not to get involved in any unnecessary arguments with those close to you, with the position of the Moon in Aquarius. The people who are sensitive will be in a confused state of mind due to some ongoing problems. So you need to be extra careful as minor disputes are possible which will only make you feel worse. When at work, choose your words and your battles wisely and you can escape any unnecessary frustrations further. 2 pm to 4 pm is indicated to be your lucky time.

Lucky color- Blue
Friendly numbers- 11,22
Lucky alphabet- I

Leo (The Lion)

As the Moon settles in Aquarius some of you will be in a cheerful and happy mood today. This transit will bring along positive energies and it will be very apparent in your attitude. People around you can’t help but notice so indulge yourself in this respect. You will be high on confidence and this will help you take care of any pending tasks with a lot of ease today. Whenever you feel let down and low on confidence you need to remind yourself about the wonderful qualities that you possess, dear Leo. Time between 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm is indicated to be very productive for you so put in your heart and soul into anything that you undertake today.

Lucky color- Green
Friendly numbers- 7,16
Lucky alphabet- U

Virgo (The Virgin)

The position of the Moon in Aquarius will cause you to feel restless and eager to explore the unknown avenues, dear Virgo. And the fact that this is a good time to head out on a get-together with your family and loved ones, should definitely make you joyful. Enjoy this blissful time while you can and stop thinking about unnecessary issues, stop being too fussy and be a little spontaneous. Let this be a time to cherish and focus on having fun together. Your high energy point will come sometime between 2 pm and 3 pm. Avoid wearing anything in brown to attract positive cosmic vibrations.

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Lucky color- Yellow
Friendly numbers- 2,3,9
Lucky alphabet- A

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Libra (The Scales)

Horoscope for Libra says that your ongoing interest in spiritual pursuits comes to the forefront, so take some time to visit a local institution which has spiritual or religious significance to you. This place will make you feel connected in ways that are necessary for you. Today is a good day to reflect upon your overall life goals-time to focus on the big picture. The time from 6 pm to 9 pm is going to be auspicious for you.

Lucky color- Pink
Friendly numbers- 10,18
Lucky alphabet- K

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

For Scorpio your horoscope says, with the Moon making its presence felt in Aquarius, you may be given an opportunity to better some of your skill sets as educational opportunities to sharpen your professional prospects are very likely today. Do not miss out on any chances you come across to gain some new knowledge or improve your skills because whatever new abilities you acquire today are sure to open a door for you in the future. Anything important to you should be scheduled for today and must be undertaken between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm as the time is very auspicious.

Lucky color- Brown
Friendly numbers- 8,11
Lucky alphabet- S

Sagittarius (The Archer)

Dear Sagittarius, the movement of the Moon in Aquarius is making you frustrated and it will be very apparent in your behavior. You need to keep a light mood and remain calm so as to not get carried away by life’s little irritations. This transit may make you feel inclined to fly off the handle a bit, but there won’t be anything for you to worry about. Try to make use of your diplomatic acumen, play it cool and maintain your demeanour. Keep your focus on the positive things and you will feel much better. 10:30 am to 11:30 am is indicated to be a good period for you so make the most of this positive time.

Lucky color- Maroon
Friendly numbers- 7,13
Lucky alphabet- I

Capricorn (The Sea Goat)

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Today is a fantastic day for you so you need to enjoy yourself , dear Capricorn. Your emotions will be stable and you will find that you have a very expansive sense of well-being as the Moon remains stationed in Aquarius. Your self-confidence is strong so you should definitely use this to your advantage today. This energy may be subtle, but if you tune in to it early in the day and set a plan for what you want to get accomplished you will find that you can be quite productive. Anything of high importance needs to be taken care between 12:30 pm and 2 pm for optimal results. You should avoid wearing the color red for the day.

Lucky color- Forest green
Friendly numbers- 5,16
Lucky alphabet- B

Aquarius (The Water Career)

You possess exceptional organisational abilities which come to the fore at this time owing to the movement of the Moon in Aquarius. You are full of positive, creative energy right now and can easily find solutions to problems in ways other people never thought were possible. After all, that deep thinking and thorough prioritizing has done you some good! To top it all, everyone is impressed by your level of understanding and maturity, just keep it up and enjoy this beautiful day. We recommend the time between 12 pm and 2 pm to be lucky for you so schedule anything important accordingly.

Lucky color- Pink
Friendly numbers- 9,19
Lucky alphabet- R

Pisces (The Fisher)

You possess exceptional organizational abilities, which will come to the fore at this time due to the presence of the Moon in Aquarius. You will be full of positive, creative energy right now and can easily find solutions to problems in ways other people never thought were possible on the work front. Maybe deep thinking and thorough prioritizing will do you good and will help you achieve the desired result. You will be able to leave a lasting impression on your seniors, try to plan important events and meetings between 9 am to 11 am for positive results.

Lucky color- Dark pink
Friendly numbers- 5,9
Lucky alphabet– T


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