Daily horoscope: Know What Your Stars Say About Your Day For 1st of September

Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope

Are you wondering how your day is going to be? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up today? Check your daily horoscope for 1st September here…

Aries (The Ram)

Dear Aries, with the presence of the moon in Gemini you need to balance the positive side and negative side within yourself. Family will remain as your first priority today, you would want to compensate for all the time you have been busy. Try to be more patient with your coworkers even if you don’t have an understanding. Keep your ego aside and talk to them. The effect of Gemini will ensure that you are not alone today and are surrounded by your loved ones. Today the time between 7pm to 8pm is considered to be auspicious to connect with your family.

Lucky color- Yellow
Lucky alphabet- W
Friendly numbers- 14,17

Taurus (The bull)

Dear Taurus, the moon in Gemini may make you feel tense and stressed for various reasons. Try to not jump into conclusions and prefer gaining more information before any decision. You may suffer from anxiety during making certain decisions. But, remember this is just a temporary phase and will be over soon. Don’t feel awkward asking for help if you need someone’s support. Avoid discussing serious topics at home if you don’t want any tension.

Lucky color- White
Lucky alphabet- K
Friendly numbers- 5,10

Gemini (The twins)

Dear Gemini, you may feel frustrated today as you will encounter delays in your work. You need to focus on keeping yourself calm as you might get provoked by your coworkers as the moon marks its presence in Gemini. We suggest you not to make any crucial decisions regarding your career today. Try to keep yourself away from arguments, and choose your battles wisely. Sometimes it is important to have control over your emotions to avoid disappointments. The time between 10am to 1:30pm is considered to be lucky for you.

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Lucky color-  Forest Green
Lucky alphabet- U
Friendly numbers- 3,12

Cancer (The crab)

As the moon remains in Gemini you can feel energized and fresh today. However, you may feel emotionally drained as you have probably been working very hard lately. Don’t try to push yourself hard, and try doing things that make you happy. Avoid getting involved in any drama. Try to focus on what you feel right for you. Your confidence in yourself today will provide you with a lot of success. Schedule anything important between 9am to 10am for better results.

Lucky color-  Blue
Friendly numbers- 7,12
Lucky alphabet- S

Leo (The lion)

The presence of the moon in Gemini will motivate you to finish all the pending works today. Try to believe in your instincts. This is a great day for you to start any new work you have been thinking about for a long time. Try using your best skills today at your workplace. Utilise your positive energy and motivation wisely. Try to complete all your pending works before 6pm.

Lucky color- Orange
Friendly numbers- 9,14
Lucky alphabet- E

Virgo (The virgin)

Dear Virgo, try to focus today on strengthening your friendships or working hard on your dreams and happiness. Your energy level will remain high. Some struggles are indicated today with your partner, family or children, due to a Sun-Pluto minor challenge. We suggest you to remain calm and avoid as much drama as possible. The time between 6pm to 8pm is considered to be lucky for you.

Lucky color- Purple
Friendly numbers- 5,8
Lucky alphabet- N

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Libra (The scales)

Today you will remain confident and energized throughout the day. With the moon in Gemini, your leadership qualities will remain in good form. However, there can be some problems in your personal life. There are chances of being misunderstood. We suggest you be more expressive today. Avoid wearing anything in pink today. The time between 9am to 12pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color- Dark red
Friendly numbers- 1,7
Lucky alphabet- T

Scorpio (The scorpion)

The moon in Gemini will help you today to understand yourself more. You may feel slightly restless because of the pressure at your workplace. Try to be more focused today. Don’t let your mood swings affect your work. Try to complete all the pending works. Today is a great time for you to invest in any property. Overall, your day will go fine. Prefer spending more time with your family. Today, the time between 1pm to 3pm is considered to be auspicious for you.

Lucky color- Light blue
Friendly numbers- 4,8
Lucky alphabet- L

Sagittarius (The archer)

Your fortune will favor you today, dear Sagittarius. Money, recognition and success are all yours. You will be finally rewarded for all your hard work. Your personal life will go smoothly today. Allow yourself to enjoy. You will achieve everything you deserve. Schedule anything important between 9am to 12pm, for great results.

Lucky color- Off-white
Friendly numbers- 3,10
Lucky alphabet- M

Capricorn (The sea goat)

Dear Capricorn, today is all about appreciation and recognition for you. You will be appreciated by your seniors for your great ideas. Avoid negative thinking as today is all about positivity and self-love. We suggest you to believe in yourself. All your tasks will be accomplished without facing any hurdles. Take out some time for yourself and spend it in solitude. The time between 11am to 12:15pm is considered to be auspicious for you.

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Lucky color- Indigo
Friendly numbers- 1,6
Lucky alphabet- R

Aquarius (The water career)

The moon transitioning in Gemini will help you enhance your skills. Try to take suggestions from your parents before making any important decisions about your life. There will be many distractions today, but focus on your development. Aim to focus more for greater results. The time between 4pm to 6pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color- Sea green
Friendly numbers- 9,12
Lucky alphabet- A

Pisces (The fishes)

The presence of the moon in Gemini will satisfy your inner child today. You will find your family praising you for your hard work. For all the single people, today is a perfect day for you to start a conversation with someone special. You might get involved in some unnecessary arguments today. Prefer remaining calm and think twice before speaking anything. The time between 2pm to 5pm is considered to be good for you.

Lucky color– Red
Friendly numbers- 5,16
Lucky alphabet- K

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