Deogarh Kidnap Case: kidnappers Abandon The Child And Flee

Deogarh Kidnap Case: kidnappers Abandon The Child And Flee
Deogarh Kidnap Case: kidnappers Abandon The Child And Flee

Bhubaneswar: December 19: A six-year-old girl who had been abducted from the Deogarh district was discovered alone at around 4 am on the service road of a bridge in Bhoipali, close to the residence of an ANM Laxmi Mishra. Mishra brought the child inside and informed the Bargaon police.

She was eventually given over to a team of Deogarh police, who transported her to her worried family members.

This attempt to kidnap the six-year-old girl in Odisha’s Deogarh district was foiled by the prompt police response.

The kidnappers were compelled to abandon the girl within nine hours after authorities sealed off all escape routes and imposed severe checks.

Police sources said, the event happened near the victim’s house in Deogarh market. The child and her grandmother were on their way home from school about 6.35 p.m. on Monday.

Under the guidance of Deogarh SP Pradyumna Kumar Mishra, district police had sealed all exit routes with the assistance of local police stations, and locals were mobilised with the assistance of PRI members to block exit routes through villages and woodlands, forcing the kidnappers to abandon the child and flee.

Though it is believed that the kidnapping was motivated by a ransom demand, the criminals had no time to make a ransom call since they failed to arrive to their pre-planned underground hideaway.

According to the SP, extensive information on the miscreants had been acquired, and more than two people were involved. He stated that the kidnappers would be captured as quickly as possible.

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